Department of Biology and Aboriginal Mentorship Program Team Up for Experiential Learning

The Department of Biology and Aboriginal Mentorship Program hosted Mrs. Dampier's class from Westmount Public School for an afternoon laboratory activity.  First students learned the biology of northern wild rice (Zizania palustris L.) from M.Sc. Biology candidate Kristi Dysievick (supervisor Dr. Peter Lee).  Kristi also discussed her research addressing the threats to native wild rice stands by invasive cattail species (Typha angustifolia and hybrid T. glauca (T. latifolia X T. angustifolia).  Biology technicians Susanne Walford and Christina Richard guided students through the micropropagation techniques of wild rice, which entails working aseptically, scarifying the seeds to expose the embryos, and planting seeds in a nutrient agar medium.   Original methodology was developed in LUEL, a member of LUCAS.  Elder Gerry Martin and Mark Kmill assisted with this activity, as coordinated by Lisa Harris.