2007 NSERC Awards

NSERC Awards Lakehead Researchers $2 Million

(May 28, 2007, Thunder Bay, ON) Eighteen researchers will be able to start or continue important research work with the awarding of funds in the latest funding announcement from NSERC.  A total of $2,003,346 has been awarded to Lakehead University researchers representing a broad spectrum of disciplines, including Engineering, Computer Sciences, Forestry, Medicine, Physics, Geology, Chemistry, and Biology. These new grants include 14 Discovery Grants, three Research Tools and Instruments Grants, and one Strategic Project Grant.

Dr. Rui Wang, Vice President (Research) at Lakehead University said, “NSERC has and will continue to be a critical source of grants for Lakehead scholars to enable them to explore new areas of study or to continue research projects already started. We are very pleased with the quality and quantity of research at Lakehead University funded by NSERC, without which our researchers would be unable to continue their important work. In addition, the grants also enable the researchers to hire graduate students to assist on projects.”

Among the researchers who were awarded funds were:

New Discovery Grants

Morris, D.W., Department of Biology, “The Evolutionary and Population Ecology of Habitat Selection”, $267,550

Ulanova, M., Faculty of Medicine (West Campus) and Adjunct in Biology, “Role Integrin Receptors in Recognition of Pathogen-associated Molecular Patterns and Innate Immunity”, $140,000