Vonnie Kam-Lai Cheng

“What inspired me most about student life at Lakehead is the ease with which one can develop a close connection with faculty and fellow students. This made it less intimidating and freer for me to voice my opinions. At Lakehead, one would not stay anonymous or invisible for long. My mulit-disciplinary studies have been invaluable in helping me develop the communication, analytical, and interpersonal skills crucial for my work. I am deeply indebted also to the personal connections I made during my Lakehead years.

Neha Kapoor

 "One of the best things about Lakehead would be its faculty and staff, who are not only highly experienced but are also very friendly and accessible to all students. They all are playing a big part of developing students’ unique skills and talents. I also have had some awesome moments working in the Multi-Cultural Centre of Lakehead Student Union (LUSU). This is where I got the opportunity to be a part of a huge diversified group of students working to share the positive environment around campus through various activities."

Hai Yen (Yvonne) Hoang

"I am interested in the study of film, television and images. I'm looking forward to learning more about film production and photography. My program is interdisciplinary, so I am taking a wide range of classes. For example, I loved "Environment in Politics and Culture" with Professor Alex Thomson, who is an amazing woman. She helped me a lot in understanding Indigenous issues in Canada, and I learned many new things. She is friendly with students, and she remembers everyone's name, which is really cool."

Muhammad Kabir Hossain

"When anybody asks me where I got my degree from, I proudly say Lakehead. When you graduate from high school, you might have the dream to get into those big schools, but it's easy to get lost there. At Lakehead, the professors pay very good attention to the students, and they know everybody by name, so you can actually reach your goals.

Michelle Parker

MITACS Research Award Winner

"Thanks to the MITACS award, my project on fire and the application of wood ash effects on stabilized soil will be funded. This research experience will familiarize me with methods used in the field and lab to collect data. I will be able to learn statistical methods beyond what I've learned in my undergraduate studies. All these new experiences will contribute to improving my research career. This project will be my honours thesis and my first independent research project, which I'll present to the Geology department.

Yibo Shen

International Student Assistant hosting social events for short-term language program students

"When I arrived in Canada, the first thing I noticed was the environment, the air quality, the biodiversity. I feel good here. This year, I had the opportunity to do aquatic sampling with Dr. Te Brugge in Scout Valley, which is a small forest near campus. It's meaningful for me to be able to analyze our environment from a scientific view, and it was a memorable experience studying with my friends and working under my professor's wings.

Ritwik Nagar

"Small class sizes are what I like the most about my program. I don't think people realize how big of a factor it plays in their education, but it is really helpful when you get to know your professors on a first-name basis. You can get to know them and get helpful feedback from them if you have an idea for your research. Most professors in the Psychology department have been teaching for over 30 years and show that they care for the success of students. They are willing to assist students and are friendly to approach, it is a really big boost for students.

Catalina Amaya

"Lakehead and Thunder Bay helped me discover who I was going to become. The faculty were supportive and passionate about what they were teaching. They gave us perspectives outside of the topics covered in class. My professors helped review my resumé when I was completing my studies, and for a few years after graduating, the Faculty would send me job opportunities by email.

Yash Gupta

"I chose to study at Lakehead because the program and the scholarships were better than other universities. After choosing Lakehead, I first arrived in Thunder Bay at 3:00 which felt strange, but the people were really nice, and they helped me. On my first day, I met the chair of my department and I felt that Lakehead was really welcoming. In my opinion, it's the people that make the university.

Vishwa Shah

"I was won over by the Business program, but the entrance scholarship did play a role in my decision to choose Lakehead. I felt proud of my grades and of the hard work I had put in to achieve them. My scholarship is renewable every year and it works as a great motivator for me to excel in my academics year after year."