Fire Safety Protocols

Event-Related Fire Safety Regulations:

Please refer to the University Fire Safety Plan - University Centre for Event-Related Regulations on Fire Safety. 

7.3 General Hazards:
• Do not use open candles or open flames.
• Smoking is prohibited on university property, except in designated smoking area.
• Place posters or decorations on bulletin boards. Never leave anything flammable in the corridors, stairwell or any means of egress.

7.11 Special Events i. Agora, Faculty Lounge, Main & Residence Cafeteria
• Set-up of displays and tables will be such that emergency exits, fire pull stations, standpipe hose cabinets, exit signs and fire extinguishers are not obstructed.
• Tables will be set up in accordance with approved plans only and as described on the Vendor Permit Application.
• Do not use open candles or flames. Chafing dishes with solid fuel are acceptable.
• Hazardous material, including combustible liquids and propane may not be used, or stored in displays.
• Assure that extension cords, when used are of the proper rating to accept the required electrical load.
• Extension cords must not be placed such that they are a tripping hazard and must be secured with tape. When running extension cords across walking paths they must be covered with an electrical cord cover.
• Tables, equipment and other materials and installations may be placed in corridors only with the approval of the Fire Department. For further information contact Food and Conference services at extension 807-343-8799.

It is an offense under the Criminal Code of Canada to cause a false fire alarm. This is an indictable offense that is liable to an imprisonment term. View Criminal Code of Canada Section 437: - "Other Interference with Property"

Evacuation Procedure:

The fire alarm is a continuous loud ringing of a bell. Upon hearing the alarm, all guests are to leave the building via the nearest safe exit. Our Conference Services staff and Conference Associates have received special fire safety training and will act as Fire Wardens. All rooms will be checked in the area where the alarm has sounded. Any person(s) found remaining within the affected Residence will be liable to a fine of up to $200.00. Assisted by the University Security staff, the Thunder Bay Fire Department will respond to all fire alarms and their personnel will be in charge of the situation. Once the "all clear" is given, guests will be allowed to return to their rooms.

In case you discover a Fire:

Bartley Residence, Prettie Residence, Avila Centre, & the Apartments:

Manual fire alarm stations are located throughout Bartley Residence, Prettie Residence, Avila Centre, and the Apartment Complexes. It is the responsibility of each guest to be familiar with the location of alarm pull stations and fire exits throughout Residence.

If you detect a fire, activate the nearest pull station, call out to persons around you and proceed to the closest safe phone to call (807) 343-8911. Provide Security Services with all the particulars about the emergency.

Evaluate the area and take refuge in the designated safe area for your residence.

Please see additional Fire Safety Information for Residence Services here.