Special Event Guidelines


Conference Services will be responsible for submitting work orders on your behalf for Housekeeping, Physical Plant, TSC equipment reservations and your catering requirements.

Please note that postings are only permitted on bulletin boards. Tape is not permitted on walls, doors and ceilings. Conference Services has the obligation to remove any unapproved postings on walls to comply with fire regulations. All extension cords and power bars must be ESA approved and must be taped down or covered, as they may cause a tripping hazard. There should be no standing on chairs, tables or trolleys and any movement of furniture should be arranged through Conference Services.

Lakehead University is a non-smoking campus. There are allocated areas around campus that are designated for smoking and vaping. The closest smoking area will be noted with signage or by asking a Conference Associate on site. Smoking cannabis is prohibited on University Property. 

Conference Services needs to be informed of any tables requiring electricity. We suggest that electrical booths be kept closest to the pillars on the outside rows whenever possible. Specific details will be required on the use of the electrical requirements. (Example: Large screen TV vs. iPad vs. mobile phone vs. DJ service with lighting etc.) All extension cords must be taped down and/or covered, as they may cause a tripping hazard. 

Conference Services must be informed of any requests to have music, announcements or other sounds that may potentially be disruptive at your display. Conference Services will ensure that all classrooms in the vicinity of the Meeting Room are aware in advance. The volume cannot exceed the level deemed appropriate by on-site Conference Services staff.  

We respect any display or ceremony that is culturally significant for events. We only require advance notice to inform the classrooms in the area to anticipate additional sounds, scents or music during that time. Please let Conference Services know if you are planning any ceremony at least 5 days prior to the event. 

A full listing of room capacities may be found on the Conference Services website: http://conferenceservices.lakeheadu.ca/meeting-facilities/


Lakehead University Residence & Conference Services keeps an updated record of the conditions of residence rooms, common areas and meeting space. Any damages, except for normal wear and tear, will become the responsibility of the guest. The organization/individual agrees to pay for the cost of repair or replacement of any damage done to University property. An itemized list of any charges and the damaged items will be forwarded to you.

ADDITIONAL CHARGES – After Hours or Special Requests          

In the event that a setup or equipment request falls after the regularly scheduled hours of operation, it requires more manpower than the regularly scheduled staff, or is outside of regularly scheduled duties, additional charges may apply. In as many cases as possible, Conference Services will ensure the client is aware of these additional fees in advance via a quote from the department or contractor. For last minute requests, the additional charges will be reflected on the final invoice.

Residence Housekeeping would be happy to have your input and direction on-site during the set up period for your events.  If changes or additions are requested after the allotted set up time, you may be charged a minimum fee of $75.00. 

For requests with less than 3 business days’ notice prior to the event date, an additional $75.00 Coordination Fee will apply in addition to charges associated with departmental losses.

When outside equipment is rented and brought onto Lakehead University Property (For example Tents, Decorations, Printers, Water Coolers etc.), they must be removed on the next business day unless previously arranged and approved by Conference Services. A charge of $50.00 per additional day may be added to your final invoice for space, security and administrative costs associated with the items.

Contractors are utilized on campus for large event set ups, additional cleaning support, movement or delivery of furniture.  External Rental Companies are utilized for equipment & decorations not available at the University. These expenses will be quoted when possible and directly reflected on the final invoice.