Non-University Food Services Provider

Food arrangements other than through the Lakehead University Food Services Provider

Lakehead University has mutually beneficial contracts with Food Service Providers on both of our campuses (Aramark Canada and Dana Hospitality). To respect these contracts, it is incumbent on us to utilize their services where possible and refrain from using outside vendors to continue to foster and grow a healthy relationship with these two providers.

If you do decide to bring in an Alternative Caterer or provide food on your own (e.g. potluck), the liability and risk will fall upon the PEO for any food safety requirements and/or health inspection infractions. This includes proper hand washing stations, temperature checks (hot food, fridges/coolers, or food left to the elements), and ensuring food is removed once it has been left out past the 'danger zone'. 

It is to be understood that in the event a client brings in unapproved external food or beverages, the client will be invoiced for the event at our caterer’s rate. Failure to abide by this may be an immediate termination of the occurring event. The one exception to this rule is when arrangements are made through the student union and the event takes place in the Outpost or the Study.

Minimum Application Time

Applications must be completed and approved a minimum of 10 business days prior to event date. Please ensure you take into consideration the review process when submitting your application as your Coordinator may take a few days to respond with questions or approval.

When approved, delivery & clean up times and responsibility should be communicated to your Conference Services Coordinator. 

Low-Risk / "Pot Luck & Bake Sale" Form 

A "Low Risk" application covers events such as potlucks, bake sales, and BBQ's (with pre-cooked meat) wherein the guests are not the general public or 'walk in' type traffic. The risk of food-borne illness and cross contamination are minimal and the invited guests have the option & discretion to choose what they would like to consume. Even with 'low risk' waivers, the liability of these events will fall onto you (the Organizing Individual/PEO) for any food-related concerns after the event. 

Potluck: All or most of the guests are contributing to the meal and are aware of the food being made in various guests homes

BBQ: Where the cooking is done by the group themselves and meat is all pre-cooked (minimal risk for food borne illness)

Bake Sales: Where the main purpose is a fundraiser for a student group or organization 

'Firepit' Foods: Smores, hot dogs, cookies, etc. during a Fire Pit booking 

In all cases, the form requires the signature of the person, department or caterer taking on the liability risk of the catered food. 

Low Risk Waiver (word doc) 

Alternative Caterer or Food Provider - including Food Trucks

A Catered event includes food/beverages ordered through an outside company or person, where they are paid for their services and/or the General Public is invited to attend. This includes catering deliveries or pick ups from restaurants (ie. Pizza or Sandwich Platters) or if someone is selling their catering at an event for a profit to themselves or their company. The liability for these events falls onto the Caterer to ensure that proper Food Safety Standards are followed and proper Health Unit notification is submitted (when required).

Considerations include nearby hand-washing stations, food temperatures including hot food, fridges or coolers, food left in the elements, 'danger zone' temperatures, the transportation, storage and safe service of all food and noting and describing dietary restrictions or considerations. 

In some cases this liability is passed onto you (The Organizer / PEO) if you've chosen to handle or manipulate the food on your own. In other cases, deliveries or pick ups may be considered 'Low Risk'. Please discuss with your coordinator the full details of your catering prior to filling in the form to streamline your planning. 

In all cases, the form requires the signature of the person, department or caterer taking on the liability risk of the catered food. 

Alternative Caterer Form (word doc) 

Required Documents for Alternative Caterers 

In addition to the 'Alternative Caterer' Form you will be asked to supply the following: 

1. Caterer’s certificate of liability insurance for a minimum coverage of $5,000,000 per occurrence, including personal injury, death or property damage, with respect to the Event, with the University identified as an additional insured; 

2. The latest "Letter Grade" from the Health Unit OR Copies of the three (3) most recent official Health Unit inspection reports on the Caterer’s facilities/operations; 

3. Copy of currently valid Workplace Safety and Insurance Board clearance certificate for Caterer; 

4. Copy of currently valid Food Safety Course Certificate.

5. Primary Event Organizer (PEO) Form 

6. Risk Assessment Form *May not be required. Discuss with your Coordinator prior to filling in this form. 

Administrative & Coordination Costs 

When Alternate Food Services Providers are used, administrative costs are incurred by the Food and Conference Services Department to ensure that the application is processed to mitigate risk and liability from the University. A processing fee of a minimum $75.00 will be charged per event - these will be tracked per department and billed per term in one invoice. 

Should Food and Conference Services staff or contractors be required to clean any items left by an outside caterer, additional charges will apply. ($35.00 per hour / per person) 

Food Safety Resources and Links 

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