Music Licensing on Campus

Food & Conference Services (“FCS”) oversees the Entandem License for special events on campus that include live or recorded music. (Receptions, Conventions and Similar: music used at events such as wedding receptions, event receptions, conventions, assemblies, fashion shows, and other similar events.) Please see below some Frequently Asked Questions regarding Music Licensing. You can also go to Entandem's Website directly for more details. 

What is ENTANDEM? 

Entandem is a joint venture between RE:SOUND and SOCAN that brings the music licensing services now managed separately by each organization into a single, jointly operated business.

RE:SOUND is the Canadian not-for-profit music licensing company dedicated to obtaining fair compensation for performing artists and record companies for their performance rights for recorded music. RE:SOUND advocates for music makers and performers, educates music users, licenses businesses and distributes royalties to creators to help build a thriving and sustainable music industry in Canada. RE:SOUND was started in 1997.

SOCAN is a not-for-profit rights management organization that connects more than four-million music creators worldwide and more than a quarter-million businesses and individuals in Canada. Nearly 160,000 songwriters, composers, music publishers and visual artists are its direct members, and more than 100,000 organizations are Licensed To Play music across Canada. In 1990, SOCAN became the name of an organization that started in 1921.

RE:SOUND administers the performance rights of performing artists and record companies in the sound recording. SOCAN administers the performance rights of the composers, authors and their music publishers in the musical work/song.

When do I need to pay ENTANDEM? 

Anytime music is played at an event, a report must be submitted to Entandem. This includes background music, live bands and pre-recorded music. The fee structure is based on the ROOM CAPACITY and based on DANCING vs NO DANCING. 

What are the fees? 

The Fee structure is based on the Total Room Capacity and Dancing/No Dancing. Please see below our most common spaces.  All fees are subject to applicable taxes. 

Thunder Bay

  • Faculty Lounge          $50.87 / $101.83 with dancing 

  • AGORA                      $106.16 / $212.34 with dancing

  • Dining Halls                $106.16 / $212.34 with dancing 

  • Fieldhouse Gymnasium or Hangar:          $150.41/ $300.82 with dancing

  • Conference Centre       $35.38 / $70.79 with dancing

  • CASES Atrium             $50.87 / $101.83 with dancing 


  • Alumni Commons           $31.31 / $62.64 with dancing

  • Orsi Learning Commons  $45.02 / $90.12 with dancing

  • Dining Hall                      $93.95 / $187.91 with dancing

 Fees subject to change without notice.