Mental Health Week Display at Lakehead U

(Thunder Bay - October 5, 2004) As part of Mental Health Week, Lakehead University's Health and Counselling Services is hosting an information display and will have counsellors on hand to speak to the University community about mental health.

What: Mental Health Display/Information
When: Today, Tuesday, October 5, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Where:Lakehead University, Agora

Members of the Media are welcome to drop by during this time and speak with a counsellor regarding mental health as well as the services offered by Lakehead University's Health and Counselling Services.


Contact: Marla Tomlinson, Office of Communications, 807-343-8177

Lakehead U Announces New Members of Board of Governors

(Thunder Bay - October 1, 2004) Lakehead University is pleased to announce the new members of the Board of Governors for 2004/2005, as elected at the Annual Meeting on September 24. Joining the Board as new members are: Kevin Cleghorn, Ann Dumyn, Sean Hannaford, Ron Keenberg, Tim Pile, and Dennis Wallace. Sitting on the Board as the new Chair is Jackie Dojack and the new Vice-Chair is Don Campbell.

Kevin Cleghorn
Kevin has been practicing law in Thunder Bay since 1984, leaving for a two-year interlude. Kevin earned his BA and LL.B. at the University of Manitoba, and was called to the bar of Ontario in 1984, the bar of Manitoba in 1993, and the bar of Saskatchewan in 1994. Further, Kevin is certified as a specialist in family law by the Law Society of Upper Canda. Currently, Kevin serves as the Director of the Family Law Office for Legal Aid Ontario. Aside from the Board of Governors, Kevin is involved in his community in many ways. Kevin is a director for the United Way and organizes an annual fundraising dinner for the the Canadian Diabetes Association.

Ann Dumyn
Ann has 35 years experience in business development, relationship facilitation, project management, strategic planning, and financial services. For the past 10 years, she has worked extensively within Aboriginal communities throughout Canada, acquiring substantial knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of this unique business, political, and cultural environment. She has collaborated with Aboriginal governments and organizations to develop and implement mutually beneficial business opportunities involving federal, provincial, and territorial governments and corporate partners. Ann retired from the Bank of Montreal in 2000 after a 32-year career starting in Sioux Lookout, through progressive management positions, culminating as Director, Aboriginal Banking. Most recently, Ann was Vice-President, Aboriginal and Northern Affairs with SNC-Lavalin Inc., responsible for the development of new projects requiring her strong financial skills, experience in the engineering, procurement and construction management industry, and her well-established personal network.

Sean Hannaford
Sean is from Brampton, Ontario. After spending the last academic year as the president of the Lakehead University Student Union (LUSU), he has returned to Lakehead to complete his honours degree in English.

Ron Keenberg
Ron holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Pratt Institute, and a Masters of Architecture from the University of Manitoba. Since the founding of IKOY in 1968, Ron has demonstrated that dedication and a keen work ethic are key components of success. IKOY has consistently been at Canada's architectural leading edge, introducing innovative design, contract documents, and a unique architectural philosophy that has allowed both IKOY and Ron to receive awards and recognition. He knows Lakehead well, thanks to his architecture design of the Advanced Technology & Academic Centre (ATAC). Ron has succeeded in fundraising efforts, including work for the New Democratic Party and the Board of Canada's Contemporary Dancers. He has taught for over a decade at many universities, including Harvard, the University of Nanking in China, and the universities of Waterloo and Manitoba. Ron also served as the Commissioner of the Manitoba Horseracing Commission where his work resulted in the rewriting of rules of ownership for privately owned racing facilities for Manitoba. These rules were adopted by all other provincial horseracing organizations.

Dennis Wallace
Dennis Wallace operates DWWALLACE consulting from Lake of the Woods, just west of Kenora, Ontario. Currently, he has several contracts under way with respect to natural resources and economic and regional development. Prior to this, Dennis was President of the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Enterprise Cape Breton between 2001 and 2003 in Moncton, Sydney, and Ottawa. Between 1998 and 2001 he was Associate Deputy Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, Ottawa. From 1995 to 1998 he was Assistant Deputy Minister of Veteran's Services at Veterans Affairs Canada, Charlottetown. From 1992 to 1995 he was Executive Director of the Canadian Grain Commission in Winnipeg. Also in Winnipeg, Mr. Wallace was Assistant Deputy Minister of Western Economic Diversification between 1988 and 1992. Dennis worked in the federal government for 28 years, having held positions in seven provinces from coast to coast. He has also served as a board member of the Canadian International Grains Institute; as a board member and executive of the Winnipeg Symphony; in the cabinet of the Winnipeg United Way; Chair of the Federal United Way Campaign; and board member of Winnipeg 2000. He has also served in other community groups across Canada.

Tim Pile
Tim graduated with a BA in Photo Technology from Ryerson Polytechnical Institute, Toronto Ontario, in May 1981. Since 2001, Tim has been the Secretary Treasurer of the Metis Nation of Ontario and the Provisional Council Metis Nation of Ontario. His main responsibility as Secretary Treasurer is to ensure the smooth running of administration and operations with an annual budget exceeding $11 million. Tim is also involved in two companies that promote environmental energy alternatives (Superior Green Power) and environmentally responsible wood products for North America (Interim President, Secretary Treasurer Superior Thermowood). Prior to this work, Tim was a marketing representative for a Fortune 500 Company. In Thunder Bay and surrounding communities, he worked directly with decision-makers in small businesses and large corporations. In addition to this work, Tim represents the Métis Nation of Ontario on the Aboriginal Management Council at Lakehead University, has served as a board member for three years with the First Presbyterian Church, and is a professional photographer.

Returning Board of Governors members are: Cheryl Balacko, Bill Bartley, Robert Baxter, Harvey Cardwell, Lori Chambers, George Davies, Ron Dysievick, James Gallant, David Heald, Vincent Isber, Bruce LaBelle, Tim MacInnes, Rebecca Maki, Ron Marostica, Moira McPherson, Pat Meredith, Bill Parker, Douglas Robson, Robert Tuchenhagen, Jackie Dojack (Chair), Seppo Paivalainen (Past-Chair), Don Campbell (Vice-Chair), Fred Gilbert (President), and Patti Merriman (Secretary).

For more information, or to speak with a member of Lakehead University's Board of Governors, please call Patti Merriman, Secretary of the Board of Governors, at 343-8614.


Contact: Marla Tomlinson, Office of Communications, Lakehead University, 343-8177

Lakehead U Professor Honoured for Work as Experiential Teacher

(Thunder Bay - September 29, 2004) A Lakehead University professor has been honoured for his work as an experiential teacher. Dr. Tom G. Potter, of the School of Outdoor Recreation, Parks, and Tourism (ORPT) at Lakehead U, has received the Outstanding Experiential Teacher of the Year Award from the Association of Experiential Education (AEE).

The AEE defines experiential education as "a philosophy and methodology in which educators purposefully engage with learners in direct experience and focused reflection in order to increase knowledge, develop skills, and clarify values."

This award is given out to a teacher who has demonstrated an active passion for experiential education principles and theories in the teaching practice; must have practiced innovative, experiential education methodologies in a public or private school system for a least three years prior to nomination of the award; and must have consistently practiced the highest ethical standards in working with students.

"Tom is a role model for many faculty and students at the University," says Dr. Tim O'Connell, a fellow ORPT professor at Lakehead. "His innovative teaching methods ensure students are fully involved in the learning process."

Dr. Potter has over 20 years of experience teaching in this style. He was named Lakehead's Distinguished Teacher of the Year for the 2002/2003 academic year.

"Experiential education can be one of the most powerful forms of teaching," says Dr. Potter. "It can be extraordinarily meaningful for students, reach a variety of learning styles and empower students to become responsible for their own learning."

Experiential teaching requires the learner to take initiative, make decisions, and be accountable for the results. The learner is engaged in the learning process by solving problems, investigating, and experimenting, among other things. Dr. Potter says experiential education can form the basis for the individual's future experience and learning. In his teaching, he uses experiential methods to connect theory to practise.

He adds that many of the faculty in the ORPT School adhere to this philosophy and style of teaching, and, in reality, this award is for the entire School, not only for him.

"It's important to realize that we have a great team in ORPT -- it's a great School with amazing staff and students. We work as a team, and this award reflects the accomplishments of everyone."

Dr. Potter is available to speak with the media about his award. He may be reached directly by calling 343-8843.


Contact: Marla Tomlinson, Office of Communications, 807-343-8177
Tom Potter, Lakehead University, 807-343-8843

Lakehead U Forestry Students Compete in International Competition

(Thunder Bay - September 28) Some of Lakehead University's top Forestry students will be showing their stuff at an international competition next week.

A team of six students will be in a battle of wits against other North American forestry schools in game-show style competition called the "Quiz Bowl." This competition will cover over 20 forestry-related topics including Geographic Information Systems; Wildlife and Fish Ecology; Urban and Community Forestry; and Philosophy and History of Forestry.

"The Quiz Bowl covers an immense amount of information, but I feel confident that our team will do well," says Jason Dampier, team co-coach and coordinator and graduate student in the Faculty of Forestry and the Forest Environment. "This will be a fantastic opportunity for all the students involved to have the chance to test their knowledge in a competitive setting."

The competition is part of the Canadian Institute of Forestry's Annual General Meeting and Convention from October 2-6 in Edmonton. This year the meeting is a joint endeavour with the United States Society of American Foresters. This meeting will represent more than 20,000 forest practitioners in Canada and the United States.

Endre Marci is working with Jason as the team's co-coach and coordinator. He says that taking part in the conference will give students a chance to mingle with other forestry students as well as possible future employers.

"This is a prime chance to meet people who can have a major influence on our future," he says. "We will have the opportunity to speak with professional foresters - people already working in the industry - and learn what they are looking for in employees."

The team is being sponsored by the Canadian Institute of Forestry (National Office), Lakehead University Faculty of Forestry and the Forest Environment, Lakehead University Forestry Association, and the Canadian Institute of Forestry (Northwestern Ontario Section).

Members of the Media are welcome to interview any of the participants prior to the event. Please call Marla Tomlinson at 343-8177 to set up the interviews.


Jason Dampier, Team Coordinator and Co-Coach
Jason holds a Bachelors degree in Natural Science from Lakehead and a Master's degree in Environmental Education from Southern Connecticut State University. In 2003, Jason, his wife and their cats moved back to Thunder Bay so Jason could pursue a second Master's in Forestry. In his spare time, Jason volunteers at his church's youth ministry.

Endre Marci, Team Coordinator and Co-Coach
Endre hold's a Bachelor's degree in Forestry from Transilvania University in his native country Romania. After his undergraduate degree, Endre completed post-graduate study for a year in silviculture sciences also at Transilvania. While in Romania, Endre was a volunteer for 3 years for one of Romania's National Parks. Endre is presently pursuing a Master's degree in Forestry and is fluent in four languages.

Terry Honsberger, Captain and Team Member
Terry is a third-year HBScF student who came to the Lakehead University Forestry program after working for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. Prior to working for the Federal Government Terry graduated from the three year Fish and Wildlife Program at Sir Sandford Fleming College. Terry is lovingly supported and encouraged by his wife Emma and his son Oliver. It is also rumoured that he plays a mean banjo.

Stephen Hart, Team Member
Stephen Hart is doing a Master's degree in Forestry at Lakehead. He comes to Lakehead after completing a Bachelor's degree in Plant Science from Trent University. Stephen is a pretty good cross-country skier. He is nationally ranked and is a member of the World University Games. When Stephen is not working on his thesis, he will be training and competing with Lakehead's varsity cross-country ski team.

Martin Legault, Team Member
Martin Legault is a fourth-year HBScF student and an all-around nice guy. Martin has international forestry experience representing Finland at the XII World Forestry Congress in Québec City in 2003. Upon graduation he plans to expand his business savvy by pursuing an MBA at an international university. Vive le Quebec!

Shuva H. Gautam, Team Member
Shuva is a third year HBScF student who came to the Lakehead University Forestry program from Nepal. His international perspective and good humour is an asset to the team. Shuva also participates in extracurricular student-led activities, such as the 2004 Lakehead University Forestry Symposium Committee.

Contact: Marla Tomlinson, Office of Communications, 807-343-8177

Distinguished Expert to Speak at Workshop on Attention, Behavioural Difficulties in Youth

(Thunder Bay - September 23, 2004) Lakehead University's Centre of Excellence for Children & Adolescents with Special Needs will be hosting a one-day workshop to discuss attention and behavioural difficulties relating to youth at school and at home.

The workshop will bring together local and national experts on the subject of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) as well as other behavioural disorders, to share their knowledge and work towards a better understanding of these issues. This workshop is designed for the general public, particularly parents, as well as educators and caregivers.

"This workshop is of particular importance at the present time, as more is being understood about attention and behavioural difficulties," says the Centre's Research Director, Dr. Alan Bowd. "The experts will be discussing the best ways to cope with behavioural difficulties at home and at school. In particular, the workshop will focus on the unique needs of children with ADHD in the North. This is a coming together of minds to share knowledge and ideas about attention and behavioural difficulties. We encourage the public to take part."

Dr. Umesh Jain, the keynote speaker, is a leading authority on ADHD and its treatment. He is the Medical Director of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) and Co-director of the Adolescent ADHD Research Service at the Hospital for Sick Children. His address is entitled "ADHD Across the Lifespan: A Personality Disorder in Disguise."

A personal story will be shared by speakers Dr. Ken McCluskey, Associate Dean of Education at the University of Winnipeg, and Andrea McCluskey, Aboriginal Academic Advisor, University of Winnipeg. They will be sharing stories about their journey with their daughter and her hyperactivity.

In the afternoon, there will be a moderated panel discussion with Dr. Jain; Dr. George Derbyshire, Pediatric Neurologist; Dr. Ken and Andrea McCluskey; Susan Bebonang, Coordinator of the Native Teacher Education Program at Lakehead U; and Dr. Kathy Jones, Special Needs Specialist, West Region, Child and Family Services. Attendees will have the opportunity to send in questions for the panel.

Members of the public who wish to attend the workshop should call Jodi Carlson at 343-8196. The workshop is on November 25 and will be at the Victoria Inn. The cost is $100, though scholarships may be available to those who qualify.

Due to the popularity of the topic, this information is being released early so that members of the public may book a spot in the workshop.

MEMBERS OF THE MEDIA: Any of the speakers are available for phone interviews prior to the workshop. They will also be available for in-person interviews directly before their session on the workshop day. A schedule will released closer to the date. Any member of the media wishing to interview the speakers before the event, please call Marla Tomlinson at 343-8177 well in advance to book a time slot.

The workshop is organized by the Centre of Excellence for Children and Adolescents with Special Needs at Lakehead University. Funded by Health Canada, the centre focuses on the distinct challenges faced by children and adolescents with special needs in northern Canada.


Contact: Marla Tomlinson, Office of Communications, 807-343-8177
Alan Bowd, Centre of Excellence, 807-343-8717

World-Renowned Political Analyst Speaking at Lakehead U

(Thunder Bay -- Sept. 24, 2004) World-renowned political analyst and columnist Gwynne Dyer will be the next guest for the Lakehead University Speaker Series.

What:Gwynne Dyer Public Lecture
When:Monday, September 27 at 6:30 p.m.
Where: ATAC, Room 1003

Dyer will speak about global issues such as the Iraqi war, the U.S. presidential elections, and the impacts of oil on world economies.

This Speaker Series is a free public lecture offered by Lakehead University as an information-sharing event. Seating is limited, please come early.

Gwynne Dyer has written numerous books on political and current event. His latest books are War (available this October) and Future: Tense (which is available this November). For more information on his publications, visit

Members of the Media: Mr. Dyer will be available for one-on-one interviews from 5:15 to 5:45. Please call Marla Tomlinson at 343-8177 to book a spot.


Contact: Marla Tomlinson, Communications Officer, Lakehead University, 807-343-8177

New Parking Lot Construction on Campus

(Thunder Bay - September 20, 2004) A new parking lot will be constructed on Lakehead University campus starting this week. This move is in response to students' need for additional parking space.

The parking lot will be constructed in the open field between the Bora Laskin Building and the existing P3 Parking Lot by ATAC. This lot should be completed in three weeks. This lot will alleviate the University's parking problems with the addition of approximately 200 parking spaces.

To assist some students with the financial burden of purchasing daily passes, 40 special daily passes will be available at the parking kiosk for $1. These passes will be good only for Lot 17 which is located at the rear of the Avila Building.

For more information, please call Jerry Murray, Manager, Security Services, at 343-8131.


Marla Tomlinson, Communications Officer, Lakehead University, 807-343-8177
Jerry Murray, Manager, Security Services, Lakehead University, 807-343-8131

Lakehead U Professor leading UArctic Research Outreach Program

(Thunder Bay - September 13, 2004) A Lakehead University professor has been selected to lead the University of the Arctic's (UArctic) new research outreach program.

Dr. Chris Southcott will be leading the team, whose primary objective is to develop a research program that more closely links scientific research, northern communities, and northern educational institutions. This is in preparation for the International Polar Year (IYP).

IPY 2007-2008, as described on, will be "an intense, internationally coordinated campaign of research that will initiate a new era in polar science. IPY 2007-2008 will include research in both polar regions and recognize the strong links these regions have with the rest of the globe. It will involve a wide range of research disciplines, including the social sciences, but the emphasis will be interdisciplinary in its approach and truly international in participation. It aims to educate and involve the public, and to help train the next generation of engineers, scientists, and leaders."

"Our research team will aim to find ways to make scientific research more readily available to northerners and their schools," says Dr. Southcott. "Also, our research will allow northerners to have input into the type of research that is done in the North. This is an exciting opportunity to establish relationships with existing organizations and institutions engaged in Arctic research, specifically their outreach and education components."

UArctic is an international network of circumpolar educational institutions - including Lakehead U - dedicated to providing relevant and accessible post-secondary education to the people of the north.

Dr. Southcott will be working closely existing organizations engaged in this type research, including the International Polar Year (IPY), International Arctic Science Committee (IASC), Second International Conference on Arctic Research Planning (ICARP II), and the Arctic Council working groups.

Members of the Media: Dr. Southcott is available for interview by calling him directly at 343-8349.


Contact: Marla Tomlinson, Office of Communications, 807-343-8177
Dr. Chris Southcott, Sociology, 343-8349

Good News Bites from Lakehead U

September 8, 2004

Sarah Link, a sessional instructor in Visual Arts, has recently been inducted into the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts. The Academy was founded in 1880, and artists are selected through a peer nomination and review process. Sarah has become one of about 20 top Canadian artists in the field of ceramics to receive the honour.

Dr. Lorne Everett, Chancellor of Lakehead U, chaired the World Pollution Panel meetings and presented the status report on World Pollution to the World Federation of Scientists at the World Laboratory, Ettory Majorana Foundation, and Center for Scientific and Culture in Erice (Italy) on August 23, 2004. The meetings, which were a part of the Galileo Galilei celebrations (Four Hundred Years Since the Birth of Modern Science), were part of the 32nd session of the International Seminars on Planetary Emergencies. Dr. Everett is a permanent panel member of the Pollution Panel for the World Laboratory which was founded in Geneva.

Kezia Pickard, who received her BA in English and Philosophy this past May, is a recipient of a prestigious J. Armand Bombardier Internationalist Fellowship. This award, worth 10,000, is given to students who show promise of becoming Canada's leaders of tomorrow in their chosen field of endeavour. In their application, they must address not only the personal advantages of their international program but also potential benefits to Canada and society in general. Over 700 students applied, and Kezia was one of 25 who were successful. This award is supporting her continuing education at the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom, where she is working towards her PhD in Critical Theory.

Contact: Marla Tomlinson, Office of Communications, 343-8177

A Chance to Mingle at President’s B-B-Q

(Thunder Bay - Tuesday, September 7, 2004) Students will be mingling with fellow students, staff, and faculty at this year's President's BBQ. Dr. Fred Gilbert and other administration members will be cooking up some grub for this social event today from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

What: President's BBQ
When: Today, Tuesday, September 7 from 11:30 a.m. to 2 pm.
Where: Lakehead University courtyard by Lake Tamblyn

Members of the media are welcome to attend to interview faculty, staff, and students as well as enjoy a free lunch!

Contact: Marla Tomlinson, Office of Communication, 343-8177