Centre for Education and Research on Aging and Health, St. Joseph’s Care Group Formalize Collaboration

Research and educational partnership created to benefit older adults
(Thunder Bay, ON -December 15, 2006) Lakehead University's Centre for Education and Research on Aging and Health (CERAH) and St. Joseph's Care Group (SJCG) have been working together on mutually beneficial research and educational initiatives for several years. This partnership is now a formal collaboration.
On December 15, CERAH and SJCG will be celebrating the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding which formalizes their partnership and paves the way for increased future collaborations in research and education. Partnership activities will focus on enhancing services and quality of care for adults with a wide range of health needs, particularly as they relate to complex medical needs, end-of-life care, rehabilitation, mental health, long-term care, and supportive housing.
"Together, CERAH and SJCG have worked on many projects, particularly aimed at improving the care of the older adult population and supporting caregivers," says Dr. Mary Lou Kelley, Director and Palliative Care Project Manager at CERAH. "We already had a wonderful working relationship which has allowed us to combine our organizations' clinical, educational and research expertise for the benefit of residents of Northwestern Ontario. The next logical step in our relationship was to formalize it so we can move forward on some new and exciting endeavours."
Some projects CERAH and SJCG have already worked on together include a Dementia Networking Day, a half-day workshop which profiled programs at SJCG; the Geriatric Mental Health Institute, an annual conference aimed at bringing healthcare professionals and caregivers together to discuss the challenges and opportunities for care and effective support for older adults with mental health issues; and various other workshops, "lunch and learn" series, and training curricula.
"This partnership will allow SJCG and CERAH to build upon our relationship and further the work we've already started," says Tracy Buckler, President and CEO, SJCG. "We are pleased to see this come to fruition and I know great things will come from our collaborative efforts."
Members of the Media: For an interview with Dr. Kelley, contact Marla
Tomlinson at 343-8177. For an interview with Tracy Buckler, call Sharron Owen at 768-4440.

Lakehead U Deploys Google Email for Education Campus-Wide

(Thunder Bay - December 14, 2006) Lakehead University recently aligned with Google to be the first large-scale deployment of Google Apps for Education in Canada. Google Apps for Education is a platform entirely hosted by Google that will provide Lakehead University students, faculty, and staff with email, chat, and web calendaring - all without the hassle of installing and maintaining software and hardware on campus.
The partnership with Google is a feat that involved the moving of 38,000 student, faculty, staff and alumni email accounts from existing systems to Google Apps for Education in a week's time. According to Shahzad Jafri, Chief Information Officer and Director of the Technology Services Centre at Lakehead University, "The traditional way of looking at technology use and its management is coming to an end. Organizations have to continue to reinvent themselves and the services they provide to enhance the value of technology in education."
Adds Michael Pawlowski, Vice President Administration and Finance, "This is the core reason we have aligned with Google - to prepare ourselves for a brave new world of technology in education. And there is no company today better than Google at ensuring Lakehead is strategically prepared for the future in this regard."
The move to Google's Gmail also effectively and permanently resolves recurring email issues Lakehead University had continually faced under its previous email system, including server overcapacity, non-delivery, and slow response time. Although steps had been taken repeatedly in the past to address overcapacity and slow response time by asking users to delete old files, these steps were short-term fixes that did not address strategic issues, prompting administration to seek a more permanent solution. The migration to Google Apps for Education took place in phases starting Monday, November 27, and was completed in one week.
The three-year arrangement with Google gives Lakehead University enhanced services for email, calendaring, and instant messaging; one of the quickest delivery times on record; and a very stable system based on Google's record of performance. Most important to account holders, each Google user is getting 2 GB of storage space, compared with 60 MB with the previous email system. This means that each user has virtually no limit on storage capacity. The partnership is also planned for growth, which means that Lakehead University is reassured of continued service from Google no matter how large Lakehead grows.
In addition, and a real coup to the University, Google's services are provided to Lakehead University at no cost. The free service throughout the three-year agreement means that Lakehead will be saving an estimated $2-3 million annually on maintenance and another $6 million in infrastructure costs based on the current volume of users. And the annual savings are expected to increase as the number of account holders increases.
Furthermore, the management of all email users is handled by Lakehead University, such as the provisioning of accounts and password changes. Shahzad Jafri stresses: "We are very confident in this partnership and know the confidentiality of our users and their information will be completely protected and will remain sacrosanct."
Matt Glotzbach, Head of Enterprise Products, adds, "We are delighted with this partnership with Lakehead University. Lakehead has set an example of progressive thinking, and we are looking forward to working with students, faculty and alumni of this Canadian institution."
If you have any questions regarding this media statement, please call Eleanor Abaya, Director of Communications, 807-343-8372, eabaya@lakeheadu.ca
Lakehead University's main campus is located in Thunder Bay, Ontario, on the shores of Lake Superior. With a campus in Orillia, Ontario, Lakehead is a comprehensive university with a worldwide reputation for innovative programs and research. Lakehead has over 7,500 students and 1,600 faculty and staff, and is home to the west campus of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. Lakehead University has been named Canada's Research University of the Year 2006 in the undergraduate category. For more information on Lakehead University, visit www.lakeheadu.ca.
Media Interviews - Lakehead University: Michael Pawlowski, Vice President Finance and Administration, or Shahzad Jafri, Chief Information Officer and Director of Technology Services Centre.
Please call Marla Tomlinson at 807-343-8177 to arrange for an interview with any of the above or with a Google representative

End of First Semester at Lakehead University – Orillia Campus Sparks Memories

(Orillia - December 7, 2006) It's the end of the first semester, but in many respects, it's still the beginning. And Lakehead University - Orillia Campus wants to record the memories of the exciting beginnings of a new campus. The staff, faculty and students have collected mementos of the events over the past three months, and on Monday, December 11, they will be sealing them away in a Memory Box to be opened in the year 2046 -- 40 years after the first students embarked on their journey.
"This has been a wonderful, exciting, busy and extraordinary time for our young campus," says Dr. Sally-Ann Burnett, Director of Operations at the Orillia Campus. "I am so pleased with how everything has worked out. Our charter class is up and running, students are writing exams, our staff and faculty are developing new ideas - it's just amazing how fantastic this semester has been, and we want to share this with the future Orillia Campus so they know how we started and how we grew."
Vanessa Schneider (left) and Rebecca Drake, both HBASc/BEd students, celebrate the end of their first semester at Lakehead University's Orillia Campus.
The Memory Box will contain many keepsakes from the past few months, including: a photograph of the charter class and founding staff; items from Grand Opening celebrations on September 8 of this year (a DVD, invitations, photographs, etc.); the Packet and Times newspapers reporting the Orientation Day and Grand Opening; congratulatory letters and cards; the orientation package for charter class students; tickets, a program and a T-shirt from the Thunderwolves hockey match, and many other souvenirs from the first semester.
"Getting to this stage with our Orillia Campus involved a lot of hard work and commitment from many people - from within Lakehead University as well as the community of Orillia - and this Memory Box is an outstanding way to remember it all," says Dr. Fred Gilbert, President, Lakehead University.
Members of the media are invited to attend the ceremony on December 11 at 10:30 a.m. at Heritage Place. For Thunder Bay media, or any members of the media who are unable to attend the event, Dr. Burnett will be available to discuss the Memory Box and the first semester at the Orillia campus. Please call Marla Tomlinson at 807-343-8177 to set up an interview time.

Northwestern Ontario Research Capacity Continues to Grow

(Thunder Bay, December 5, 2006) Today, Molecular Medicine Research Centre (MMRC) welcomed a new Founding Scientific Director and two grants totaling $350,000 for research which will benefit patient care and treatment.
Founding Scientific Director
MMRC, which links researchers from the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre (TBRHSC), Lakehead University, and Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (SHSC) in Toronto, along with industry partner Philips Medical Systems, a division of Royal Philips, welcomed Dr. John Rowlands, Head, Medical Physics Research, Toronto Sunnybrook Regional Cancer Centre as the Founding Scientific Director, MMRC.
"The MMRC is the physical presence of a partnership intended to provide access to an incredible pool of research talent, resources, and technology," says Dr. Michael Julius, Vice President Research, SHSC, who was at the announcement to introduce Dr. Rowlands to the community. "Dr. Rowlands is a first-rate addition to MMRC's growing critical mass of research."
"I'm looking forward to joining the team at the MMRC," says Dr. Rowlands. "This region certainly has a lot to be proud of, as well as exceptional growth potential. I'm thrilled to be a part of it all."
Dr. Rowlands' addition to MMRC has been much-anticipated in Thunder Bay. As a result of the appointment of Dr. Rowlands, MMRC will engage in several research projects, including one to develop High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) equipment, guided by Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) that will use heat to destroy cancers deep in the body without surgery.
"We are pleased to have Dr. Rowlands leading the team," said Michael Power, Vice-President, Regional Cancer and Diagnostics. "The credibility he lends to MMRC via his research experience assists in the establishment of Thunder Bay as a global player in research."
Dr. Rowlands adds, "Two other projects I work with involve the development of novel injectable agents that light up when paired with conventional scanners and development of a new generation of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Scanner to produce higher resolution images at a lower cost."
"These approaches will enhance our ability to understand disease and its progression, lessening the need for invasive surgeries," said Dr. David Webster, Acting Medical Director, Nuclear Medicine, TBRHSC, President of the Ontario Nuclear Medicine Association, and qualified interpreter of PET.
Dr. Fred Gilbert, President, Lakehead University, says he is pleased with the announcement of Dr. Rowlands as the Founding Scientific Director of MMRC.
"As a member of the consortium, Lakehead is delighted to have Dr. Rowlands on board," Dr. Gilbert says. "Our goal is for Lakehead to be one of the top 25 research-intensive universities in Canada within the next 10 years. Dr. Rowlands and his team will certainly play a part in building the research community in Thunder Bay and in helping us to reach this goal."
Lakehead University was recently named Research University of the year (2005) in the undergraduate category by Research Infosource; it was ranked 1st overall in research income growth and 1st in research intensity in its category. Overall, Lakehead moved from the 38th to the 29th place among the Top 50 Research Universities this year. These exciting developments are complemented by research currently under way at Regional Cancer Care (RCC) and the Northern Ontario School of Medicine.
Research Grants - Two Projects Totaling $350,000 Announced
This volume of cancer research continues to grow as a direct result of the Northern Cancer Research Foundation (NCRF). The NCRF is pleased to announce a grant for $80,000 supporting groundbreaking scientific research by Dr. Ingeborg Zehbe, Career Scientist, RCC, and Dr. Marina Ulanova, Associate Professor, Medical Sciences Division, Northern Ontario Medical School (NOSM).
Their research in cervical cancer postulates that integrins, molecules that coordinate the response of cells in the cervical lining, could be inhibited in times of inflammation when their expression can send the wrong signal to normal cervical cells and cause those normal, healthy cells to become malignant.
"The anticipated results of this study will significantly improve our understanding of molecular mechanisms involved in development and progression of cervical carcinoma," said Dr. Ulanova. "It will provide an experimental basis for the design of novel drugs for the treatment of cervical cancer, based on integrin inhibitors."
The NCRF is also pleased to announce funding of $270,000 for another project that will impact patients and their families throughout Northwestern Ontario. Dr. Patricia Smith, Associate Professor and Chair of Social & Population Health Division of Human Sciences, NOSM, and Dr. Scott Sellick, Director, Supportive & Palliative Care, TBRHSC, will research and implement an inpatient tobacco cessation program in Northwestern Ontario hospitals.
"Programs offered at the bedside during hospitalization maximize people's success at quitting smoking," says Dr. Smith. "Quitting during hospitalization has benefits beyond general health improvement - healing occurs more rapidly, surgical complications decrease, and shorter hospital stays are required."
This research is pertinent to Northwestern Ontario, which has higher than average smoking rates when compared with the rest of Ontario. In Canada, tobacco use is directly related to over 85 percent of lung cancers and 30 percent of all other cancers. The long-term outcomes of this research will include the institutionalization of tobacco cessation initiatives in hospitals and a reduction of cigarette consumption across Northwestern Ontario.
"The ultimate outcome will be a decrease in tobacco-related diseases, complications, healthcare utilization, and healthcare costs", Dr. Smith adds.
The NCRF is proud to fund these two important research and patient care projects, according to Brian McKinnon, Chair, Board of Directors, NCRF. Research projects such as these generate excitement in the medical and academic fields as well as the community.
"Northwestern Ontario should be incredibly proud of this research as this region is entirely responsible for its funding," McKinnon says. "It's very exciting to see the tangible results of projects funded by this community's generosity."
The NCRF is dedicated to providing funds that stay here in Northwestern Ontario, with the specific goal of furthering research, improving patient care, and stimulating education and awareness for the residents of our region and community."
To reach any of the researchers, MMRC partners, or the new MMRC Founding Scientific Director, call Katherine Bruneau, NCRF, 684-7276.
Contact: Katherine Bruneau, NCRF, 684-7276, bruneauk@tbh.net

Lakehead U Geology Student Heading to Chile

One of 16 international students selected for inaugural trip
(Thunder Bay - December 4, 2006) A Lakehead University Geology Master's student will be getting a first-hand look at ore deposits in northern Chile as part of the Society of Economic Geologists (SEG) Foundation Student Field Trip Program.
Amy Shute is one of 16 international students who will be leaving the first week of January, 2007, to head down to Chile as part of the first international student field trip sponsored by SEG. While in Chile, Shute will learning about ore deposit geology in the various regions they visit.
The idea for an International SEG Student Field Trip was developed at the SEG conference in Keystone Colorado, in May 2006. This is the inaugural field trip in a series of student field trips to world-class mining districts. All students are subsidized with a scholarship from the SEG Foundation for transportation to/from Chile. Students needed to send in an application form, a letter outlining how this trip will benefit them, and a letter of recommendation from a faculty member.
"I am so pleased to have been one of the selected students to travel to Chile," Shute says. "This trip will give me the opportunity to pursue work outside Canada, which will broaden my experience and allow me to compare different tectonic settings of different ages."
Shute is currently working on her Masters thesis under the supervision of Dr. Peter Hollings. She is interested in the geological mapping and geochemistry patterns of ore deposits and related rocks with which different deposits are associated.
"Overall, ore deposit model development and gaining a better understanding of ore deposit genesis are my primary areas of interest," she says.
"Amy is an excellent student with a strong interest in the field of Economic Geology," Dr. Hollings says. "She has expressed a strong interest in working as an economic geologist, and I believe that this field trip will provide her with a great opportunity to examine different deposit types that are not present in our region."
The trip runs from Jan. 5 to 13. Shute leaves on Jan. 3. She is available for interview by calling 766-7121. Dr. Hollings is also available at 343-8329.

Lakehead University Aims to Raise $6-Million for Student Scholarships

(Thunder Bay - November 17, 2006) Scholarships encourage students to continue to excel, and Lakehead University is reaching out to the community to ask them to help students reach their academic goals.
Over the next three years, the Lakehead University Scholarship Campaign is aiming to raise $6-million for scholarships. A scholarship is a way of recognizing academic achievement while providing financial assistance to students.
"Scholarships help our students to realise their undergraduate and graduate potentials, and encourage high-ranking students to come to Lakehead University," says Dr. Fred Gilbert, President. "This campaign is a chance for people to give to the University in a way that has a direct and important impact on students."
"We are appealing to our community to support the students of Lakehead University," says Bonnie Moore, Director of Development at the University. "It's through the involvement from businesses, families, and alumni that the Scholarship Campaign will be successful. We welcome anyone in the community to call our office to find out how they can be a part in helping students reach their full academic potential."
Anyone who would like more information on the Scholarship Campaign can call the Office of Development at 807-343-8300, or visit http://development.lakeheadu.ca

Lakehead U’s Shad Students Walk Away with Four Awards at National Ceremony

(Thunder Bay - November 6, 2006) The Shad Valley Team Lakehead 2006 picked up four medals at the RBC Shad Cup Competition last week. The team was awarded gold for Best Business Plan, silver for Best Overall Presentation and another silver for Best Prototype, and bronze for Best Marketing Plan.
The RBC/Shad Entrepreneurship Cup is a team-based entrepreneurship competition designed to showcase entrepreneurship, science, and technology in a format for young adults. Teams of Shad students (high school level) who have won Shad regional entrepreneurship competitions, are invited to fine-tune their prototypes and business plans with the help of mentors from both business and technological fields.
Students have five weeks following the completion of the Shad Valley program to upgrade their prototypes using their mentors, fellow Shads, Shad alumni, and any entrepreneurial contacts. Using their original ideas, students develop and submit working prototypes, complete business plans, prepare a marketing/promotional piece and design websites for their creations.
The Lakehead Shads created Prodigy! Inc. According to their website, "Prodigy! Inc. is dedicated to improving both the environment and the lives of hearing aid users worldwide. With the creation of our latest product, the Artis Life--Quae, hearing-impaired individuals will no longer be straining to hear everyday sounds such as the sound of rain beating against the window, birds chirping outside, or conversations with friends and family."
"We are very proud of our Shads," says Sultan Siddiqui, Lakehead's Shad Valley Program Director and Engineering Faculty member. "The students showed innovation, dedication, and a level of professionalism that proves they will go far in their careers and in life."
For more information, contact Dr. Siddiqui on his cell phone at 252-2162.

Orillia Campus Welcomes Visitors to an Open House

( Orillia /> />- October 31, 2006) Lakehead /> University /> />- Orillia Campus is hosting its first Open House and Fall Preview on Saturday, November 11, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. The afternoon will allow potential students and their families, as well as anyone interested in the campus, to visit and to find out more about the programs, courses and facilities.

Staff, faculty and current students will be available to talk about academic programs, admissions, financial aid, the Students' Union, the City, housing, campus activities, sports and social events and the plan for the future. A student panel will give prospective students an opportunity to find out what it's really like being a student at Ontario /> />'s newest university campus. Tour highlights will include interactive videoconference presentations with NASA, the library and the science lab.

"We hope that all our visitors will take advantage of the campus tours to see the newly-renovated facilities and labs at the University's temporary facilities at Heritage Place," says Dr. Sally-Ann Burnett, Director of Operations, Lakehead /> University /> />- Orillia Campus. "This is a time of growth, and our staff, faculty, and students are excited to welcome prospective students and their families on campus to find out what we're all about."

After the Open House, at 8:10 p.m., Lakehead /> University /> />'s Thunderwolves Men's Hockey team will be playing the Ryerson Rams at the Orillia Community Rink. Visitors are encouraged to stay for the game. Tickets are available online at www.thunderwolves.ca and from Manticore book store at 103 Mississauga Street East />, Orillia.

For more information about the Orillia Campus, visit http://orillia.lakeheadu.ca/

To reach Dr. Burnett for an interview, call 705-329-4298.

Social Entrepreneur Engaging the Public at Lakehead U

Lakehead University Speaker Series Presents Greg Forbes Siegman on October 30
Educator, artist, and social entrepreneur Greg Forbes Siegman will be the next guest in the Lakehead University Speaker Series. On October 30, Siegman -- whose first thirty years of life serve as the basis for The First Thirty by Jillip Naysinthe Paxson -- will speak about dealing with rejection, discovering your passion, and redefining success. He will also take part in a book signing before the start of the session and a Question & Answer afterwards.
At 33, Siegman is the youngest person to date invited to take part in the Lakehead University Speaker Series -- with previous guests including top leaders from media, business, and government. In conjunction with Siegman's visit, Lakehead University will host a one-night-only exhibit of part of his art collection, My Sleepless Nights. Siegman's talk has appealed to a very wide audience in the U.S., and his talk relate to both students and the wider community.
The Lakehead University Speaker Series is a free public lecture offered by Lakehead University as an information-sharing event and dialogue, in partnership with The Chronicle-Journal and Travelodge Airlane. Everyone is welcome, but seating is limited - come early. Parking after 6 p.m. is free. For more, please visit www.lakeheadu.ca
Background On Greg Forbes Siegman
After graduating college at the top of his class, Greg Forbes Siegman appeared to be on the 'fast track' to corporate success, but he chose to follow his heart and take a detour -- becoming a substitute teacher for one year. One year turned into eight, and along the way, he established The Brunch Bunch Mentoring Program, designed to break down racial, cultural, and social barriers, and The 11-10-02 Foundation, which helps overlooked students get to college. He is also the founder of ProjectThankYou.com.

Siegman has received some special honours including the Jefferson Award for Public Service and being named America's Daily Point of Light. In 2005, he was honoured at Princeton University as one of the top social entrepreneurs under 40. He has been featured by media such as Good Morning America, The Washington Post, National Public Radio, Global Heroes Magazine, Volunteer Leadership Magazine,and Education Week. He has written for the media as well. For more, please visit www.GregForbes.com
Background On The Book
Co-authored by Jillip Naysinthe Paxson, The First Thirty is based on the first thirty lessons learned from the full-circle, first thirty years of Greg Forbes Siegman's life -- from underestimated student to substitute teacher exploring racial and cultural barriers to young philanthropist helping other overlooked students get to college. The book is now used at a wide variety of schools, organizations and companies. For more, please visit www.TheFirstThirty.com

Background On The Art
Called a 'tribute to tolerance and diversity' by Art World News, the collection known as My Sleepless Nights features Greg Forbes Siegman's pencil-based portraits of the contemporary, historical and cinematic figures who have inspired him. The collection , which includes portraits of people such as Nelson Mandela, Harriet Tubman, and Rocky Balboa, has previously been on display in places such as California, New York and Chicago. For more, visit www.MySleeplessNights.com

Members of the Media: To schedule time for a phone or e-mail interview with Mr. Siegman in advance of his trip to Thunder Bay, please contact Marla Tomlinson at 807-343-8177.

Lakehead U Named Research University of the Year - Undergraduate Category

(Thunder Bay - October 24, 2006) Lakehead University is making a name for itself as a research-intensive university.
Today, Research Infosource Inc. announced that it has designated Lakehead University the "Research University of the Year" in the undergraduate category. Each year, Research Infosource publishes a special "Canada's Innovation Leaders" supplement in the National Post and the Ottawa Citizen. Canada's Innovation Leaders shines the spotlight on the country's most innovative universities and corporations. Overall, Lakehead moved from 38th place to 29th among the Top 50 Research Universities this year, and was ranked 1st overall in research income growth and 1st in its category in research intensity.
Research Infosource, a division of The Impact Group, is Canada's source of R&D intelligence. It provides business intelligence and analysis on science, technology, research and development, and innovation.
"This designation of Research University of the Year, and the upward movement of our rank in the Top 50 Research Universities is evidence that our researchers and facilities are of world-class calibre," says Dr. Rui Wang, Vice President (Research) at Lakehead University. "Lakehead's goal, as initially outlined in our draft strategic research plan for 2006-2010, was to become one of the top 25 research intensive universities in Canada within the next 5-10 years. When this goal was discussed last year, we knew it would take a lot of hard work and determination, but our last year's success proves that this goal sets up the right direction and is reachable."
Three universities gain Research Infosource's designation of Research University of the Year by university type (Doctoral, Comprehensive, and Undergraduate) for their outstanding performance on a balanced set of input and output measures for 2005. These full-service universities demonstrated superior achievement both in earning research income and in publishing research in leading Canadian and international scientific journals.
Dr. Wang is available for interview by calling Marla Tomlinson at 343-8177.