Lakehead U Researcher “Cooks” Wood to Enhance Market Value

(Thunder Bay - November 15, 2004) A Lakehead University Researcher is working with a private-industry company to better utilize forest resources. Dr. Mathew Leitch, of the Faculty of Forestry and the Forest Environment, has been investigating the characteristics of wood "cooked" to enhance its value in the marketplace.

Working with the Thunder Bay-based company Superior Thermowood, Dr. Leitch's research aims to make use of under-utilized trees in Northwestern Ontario, across Canada, and in the United States. Superior Thermowood has developed a new kiln drying system which requires a time of around 32 hours per kiln run, compared to traditional kiln runs which take generally around five weeks.

"For example, poplar that has been "cooked" -- slowly heated and cooled in this specially designed Kiln -- deepens in colour, becomes water- and fungi-resistant, and achieves a stable moisture level that makes it suitable for use in non-structural construction, such as building furniture and decks," Dr. Leitch says. "The impact of this will be better utilization of our forest resource and an increase in jobs -- both at the kiln units and spin-off industries built around Thermowood."

Dr. Leitch is available for interview by calling Marla Tomlinson, Lakehead University Communications Officer, at 807-343-8177. Photo opportunities are available in Dr. Leitch's Laboratory, or digital pictures are available upon request.


Contact: Marla Tomlinson, Communications Officer, Lakehead University, 807-343-8177

Lakehead U Professor Releases Book on Bioterrorism and Healthcare

(Thunder Bay - November 11, 2004) A Lakehead University Political Science professor has released a new book to help healthcare systems prepare for, and respond to, the increasing threat of bioterrorism.

"Bioterrorism in Medical and Healthcare Administration", (published by Dekker/CRC Press, New York, is the latest in a series on strategy and strategic changes written by Dr. Laure Paquette. "In this case, I've tried to create a user-friendly guide to managing a health system response to bioterrorism," says Dr. Paquette.

The book considers the increased threat of bioterrorism and explains how to deal with the impact of this emerging threat on the health system. Although the book is aimed at students, academics and professionals studying terrorism, low-intensity conflict, community and public health, the work provides step-by-step guidelines that even non-professionals can use. The book includes a planning and implementation guide for professionals at all levels, including a training component for managers and frontline workers, as well as case studies showing how individuals and organizations can respond to bioterror attacks.

Dr. Paquette has written books and professional publications in defense and the practical applications of military strategy in everyday life. Her work has been supported by national security and health service organizations including NATO, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, and the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation. To speak with Dr. Paquette, please call her directly at 807-343-8237. Dr. Paquette may be interviewed in both English and French.


Contact: Marla Tomlinson, Communications Officer, Lakehead University, 807-343-8177

Lakehead U Tops Canadian Universities for “Value Added”

(Thunder Bay - November 8, 2004) Lakehead University has retained its spot as Canada's number one university for Value Added in Maclean's annual university ranking issue 2004.

This is the third time Lakehead has been number 1 in Value Added, and the seventh year it has been in the top three. Value Added measures the entering average of students and achievement through the retention rate, the proportion who graduate, and the number of students receiving national awards.

"This is overwhelming proof of the overall quality and value of the educational experience our students gain at Lakehead University. And it is a testament to the outstanding quality of instruction, research, and support for all aspects of student life that Lakehead consistently offers," says Dr. Fred Gilbert, President of Lakehead.

Lakehead's Value Added standing confirms what students already know about the University. Surveys of undergraduate students at Lakehead show that 9 out of 10 are satisfied or very satisfied with the quality of their education at the University, and they indicate a higher than average level of satisfaction with the smaller class sizes, library facilities, study space, access to high-technology products and services, and personal counselling services, among many programs and services that make the Lakehead campus life unique.

"Lakehead University has continually provided excellent educational opportunities," says Dr. Laurie Hayes, Lakehead University's Vice-President (Academic) and Provost. "Lakehead's faculty and staff are committed to the success of each student, and this has again been demonstrated by our top Value Added score."

Lakehead measures its own performance by the quality of its graduates and the excellent education they receive while they are students here. Dr. Gilbert adds, "The fact that Lakehead is above the Ontario university average with 97% of our graduates employed two years after leaving the University, is an indication that Lakehead attracts good students and positions them well in the competitive job market. Employers understand the quality of education we provide our students."

"Our continued high standing in the Value Added category illustrates the quality of the educational experience at Lakehead," says Dr. Jane Birkholz, Vice-Provost (Student Affairs). "It is a product of the value we add to the community as well as to the students and faculty who work and study here. This is the case today, it was the case last year and will be the case next year, regardless of where we place in the overall Maclean's ranking."


Contact: Marla Tomlinson, Lakehead University, 807-343-8177

OPAS Presents 2004 Visionary Award to Pamela Wallin

(Thunder Bay -- November 5, 2004) On Monday, November 8, 2004, Pamela Wallin, Canada's Consul-General to New York will be presented with the OPAS Visionary Award for 2004. Ms. Wallin's address, entitled "Canada-U.S. Relations - The View from New York" is being sponsored by Bell ExpressVu and will take place at the University of Toronto. The presentation will also be transmitted live via satellite and webcast to more than 3,000 participants from 30 university campuses in all ten provinces. This is the 8th annual Visionary Seminar, presented by The Office for Partnerships for Advanced Skills (OPAS).

Members of the media are invited to attend the satellite broadcast, which will run from 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. Interview opportunities with a Lakehead University representative will be available between 11:45 a.m. and 12:15 p.m.

WHAT:OPAS Visionary Seminar
WHEN:Monday, November 8, 2004
LOCATION:Lakehead University, ATAC, Room 5036

Visionary Seminar: The Visionary Seminar is designed to provide a forum for industry representatives, university faculty, and students to join together to assess an informed vision of the future. Previous Visionary speakers have included Ted Rogers (CEO, Rogers Communications Inc.), Jean Monty (then Chief Executive, Nortel), John Sheridan (President, Bell Canada), John Cleghorn (Chairman and CEO of Royal Bank Financial Group), Mike Lazaridis, President and Co-CEO, Research In Motion, Charles Baillie (Chairman, TD Bank Financial Group) and David Dodge, Governor of the Bank of Canada.

The Office for Partnerships for Advanced Skills is a partnership of universities and leading Canadian companies, dedicated to advancing industry/university partnerships.

- 30 -

For Further Information:

John SpinkOffice for Partnerships for Advanced Skills, 416-979-4341

Marla Tomlinson, Lakehead University, 807-343-8177

Lakehead U Research Project Wins National Award for Innovation

Thunder Bay, ON, October 28, 2004 - LakeheadUniversity is pleased to announce that its Forest Watershed and Riparian Disturbance (FORWARD) research project, in collaboration with Millar Western Forest Products Ltd., the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation, and other university and industry partners, has won a 2004 Science and Engineering Research Canada (NSERC) Synergy Award for Innovation.

The FORWARD project models the impacts of timber harvesting, as well as natural disturbances such as fire, on soils, hydrological processes, water quality and water flow in Canada's boreal forests. The results are used to develop decision-support tools for responsible, science-based forest management planning. "FORWARD is aimed at developing innovative approaches to forest management that will help protect water, soils and the full range of forest values by providing forest companies across Canada with an improved ability to predict and shape the effects of their management practices and other disturbances within the forest," said principal investigator Dr. Ellie Prepas of Lakehead University.

The project partnership involves research teams from five Canadian universities: LakeheadUniversity, University of Alberta, University of Saskatchewan, Institut Québecois d'Aménagement de la Fôret Feuillue, and DalhousieUniversity. In addition to lead industry participant Millar Western, other forest companies are participating in the project: Alberta Plywood, Blue Ridge Lumber, Bowater Canadian Forest Products, Buchanan Forest Products, LP and Vanderwell Contractors.

Dr. Frederick Gilbert, president of Lakehead, says: "Collaborative research has been a cornerstone of our strategy to innovate and effect change. FORWARD is an example of effective partnerships between university, industry, and the community with results that serve the interests of all parties. By working collaboratively on long-term research aimed at protecting forest values, this partnership promotes better forest management practices and better forest policy across Canada, providing environmental, social, and economic benefits for future generations."

Dr. Reino Pulkki, Lakehead University Dean of the Faculty of Forestry and the Forest Environment, notes that "FORWARD will contribute to sustainable economic development benefiting Aboriginal and other rural and northern communities, while helping ensure that Canada's forest industry remains internationally respected and globally competitive."

He adds: "Lakehead is fortunate to have Dr. Ellie Prepas lead this project, and a close working relationship with Millar Western and other partners. We are looking forward to many more collaborative research projects of this nature and ongoing support from NSERC, without which projects of this type would be difficult to organize and implement."

The Synergy Awards for Innovation were launched in 1995 by NSERC to recognize partnerships in research between universities and industry. Candidates are judged on factors including innovation and creativity, quality of research, superior management processes and effective use of university and industry human and technical resources. The Synergy Award to FORWARD, announced today by NSERC, will be presented later tonight in Waterloo, Ontario, along with awards to six other partnerships singled out for national recognition this year. The winning university researchers receive a $25,000 NSERC research grant, while their industry partners receive a Synergy sculpture commemorating their shared achievement.

FORWARD has received more than $1 million in Collaborative Research and Development grants from NSERC, including an Industrial Research Fellowship (IRF) granted earlier this year valued at $60,000, with matching funds provided by Millar Western. The IRF, granted following an internationally recognized peer review process that deemed Millar Western to have the vision and commitment to conduct world-class research, will provide funding for the study of soil classification as the basis for watershed management within detailed forest management planning processes. To date, NSERC has also awarded three Industrial Postgraduate Scholarships to graduate students involved with FORWARD, along with a Discovery Grant of $339,000 to Dr. Prepas at LakeheadUniversity for forest-related research.

FORWARD is also supported by the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI). The CFI, in partnership with the Ontario Innovation Trust (OIT) and Millar Western, earlier this year awarded an Innovation Fund Grant to LakeheadUniversity to sponsor the training of personnel and building of infrastructure for FORWARD watershed study sites in the boreal forest. Funding includes $1.1 million from CFI and OIT, $1.7 million in funding from Millar Western and $400,000 from other industry and university partners.

Science and Engineering Research Canada (also known as NSERC) is a key federal agency investing in people, discovery and innovation. It supports both basic university research through research grants, and project research through partnerships among postsecondary institutions, government and the private sector, as well as the advanced training of highly qualified people.

One of Western Canada's largest privately owned forest companies, Millar Western is a family-owned business operating technologically advanced lumber and pulp manufacturing facilities in Alberta and Saskatchewan, as well as progressive woodlands operations supplying timber to the operations on the basis of sustainable forest management.

For more information, contact: LakeheadUniversity: Anne Klymenko, Research Manager, 807. 343-8223, or Eleanor Abaya, Director of Communications, 807. 343-8372; Millar WesternForest Products: Janet Millar, Communications Manager, 780.486-8249.


Media: To speak with Dr. Ellie Prepas or Dr. Reino Pulkki about the FORWARD project, please contact the Office of Communications at 343-8372 to arrange for an interview.

Lakehead U Researcher Receives Funding to Study Effects of Abuse and Neglect on Children’s Memory

Lakehead and Rochester Researchers receive over $1.5 million (US) in funding

(Thunder Bay - October 26, 2004) A LakeheadUniversity researcher has teamed with colleagues at the University of Rochester, New York, to look into the memory processes in abused and neglected children.

Dr. Mark L. Howe, a professor of psychology at Lakehead, along with Dante Cicchetti and Sheree Toth, both with the Mt. Hope Family Centre in Rochester, were recently awarded a National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) research grant valued at over $1.5 million US.

"The main focus of this research project is to assess whether experiences of child maltreatment affect the operation of memory in abused and neglected children," says Dr. Howe. "These findings will not only have important theoretical implications, but will also play a key role in forensic settings, have consequences for the clinical treatment of these children, and inform social policy regarding these children. This project will have significant implications for society regarding planning for the needs of children who have been physically abused, sexually abused, or neglected."

Dr. Howe says that the field of developmental psychopathology has been characterized by a focus on the relations between normal and atypical development and, therefore, lends itself to providing a framework for the translation of normal developmental theory and research toward understanding developmental processes in atypical and disordered populations. In fact, this grant is among the first to be awarded under NIMH's new translational grant program that encourages collaboration between those in the experimental and clinical sciences of psychology.

"The combination of basic cognitive science and developmental psychopathology serves as a powerful force for translating work on memory into the arena of trauma," he says. "Specifically, it will enhance our understanding of the possible effects of child maltreatment on basic memory processes."

According to Dr. Kim Fedderson, Dean of Social Sciences and Humanities, "we are particularly fortunate at LakeheadUniversity to have a researcher like Dr. Howe, who is an internationally recognized scholar and who is committed to sharing the fruits of his research with the wider community. Dr. Howe continues to make important contributions to our understanding of memory and its development."

Dr. Howe is the Associate Editor of Developmental Review, a Professor of Psychology, and the former Dean of Research at LakeheadUniversity. His professional career has spanned the academic and public communities (particularly those areas concerned with children and the law) and continues to do so. His research (funded continuously by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada since the beginning of his scientific career over 20 years ago) is focused on children's cognitive development, the results of which have been widely published in more than 150 journal articles, books, and conference proceedings. His recent work has been focused on autobiographical memory and children's memory for traumatic experiences (e.g., child victims of abuse, witnesses to violent crime in the family). A Fellow of the American Psychological Society, he serves as a consultant to the police, crown prosecutors, and defense attorneys concerning memory, children, and the law. He has consulted in over 100 cases, provided expert testimony in over 20, and contributed to the development of training manuals for front-line workers (e.g., social workers, police) on appropriate procedures for questioning children about violent crimes.

Dr. Howe will be working between Thunder Bay and Rochester during this research project. He will be in Thunder Bay during the week of Oct. 25. Please call Dr. Howe directly at 807-346-7954.


Contact: Mark L. Howe, Department of Psychology, LakeheadUniversity, 807-346-7954

Eleanor Abaya, Office of Communications, LakeheadUniversity, 807-343-8372

Symposium Provides Update on School of Medicine Activities

Activity is at an all-time high at the newest medical school in Canada in over 30 years. With the charter class of students beginning their studies in less than a year, staff and faculty are busy with preparations.

In an effort to keep everyone informed of the School?s progress, a symposium will be held on October 26, 2004. ?An Activity Update on the Northern Ontario School of Medicine? will share the School?s developments to date and plans for the future. Topics will include Admissions status, Undergraduate Medical Education, Faculty Development and Research.

The symposium will be facilitated by Dr. Roger Strasser, Founding Dean, and will feature:

Dr. Jill Konkin, Associate Dean of Admissions & Student Affairs

Orpah McKenzie, Director of Aboriginal Affairs

Dr. Bryan MacLeod, Faculty Development

Dr. Greg Ross, Associate Dean of Research.

The Symposium will broadcast from the East campus of the Medical School, Willet Green Miller Centre, 8th floor, Laurentian University, Sudbury from 12 noon to 1:30 pm, Eastern time. It can also be viewed via videoconference at the School?s West campus in the Advanced Technology & Academic Centre, 6th floor building, Room 6022, on the campus of Lakehead University in Thunder Bay. Limited seating is available at each site. Please contact Sherry at (705) 662-7257 to reserve a spot.

Health professionals may participate in the Symposium at NORTH Network sites throughout the region. Individuals may view the live webcast from their computers by going early to for webcast setup and details.

A new medical school for the whole of Northern Ontario, the Northern Ontario School of Medicine is a joint venture of Lakehead and Laurentian Universities. With main campuses in Thunder Bay and Sudbury, we will have multiple teaching and research sites distributed across Northern Ontario in large and small communities. The school contributes to improving the health of people in Northern Ontario.


To arrange telephone interviews with speakers following the symposium, please contact the Communications Officer in your region.

Yonaniko Grenon Tracie Smith
Communications Officer ? East Communications Officer - West
(705) 662 7243 or (705) 669 7943 (807) 766-7314 or (807) 624 7862

Communications Unit
Northern Ontario School of Medicine

West Campus
Lakehead University
955 Oliver Rd.
Thunder Bay ON P7B 5E1
Tel: 807-766-7300
Fax: 807-766-7370

East Campus
Laurentian University
935 Ramsey Lake Rd.
Sudbury ON P3E 2C6
Tel: 705-675-4883
Fax: 705-675-4858

New Learning Tool Launch at Lakehead U

Department of History, Faculty of Education work together to create new Website

(Thunder Bay - October 13, 2004) Lakehead University's Department of History and Faculty of Education have teamed together to create a new tool to help teachers and students learn about a unique subject.

Some Lakehead U Education students will be getting a first-hand look at the educational Website on Friday, October 15. This site is an example of the unique way that educational resources are being made available to teachers. is devoted to the silent films of the Port Arthur Amateur Cinema Society and the people behind them. It is intended to provide visitors with historical information and educational resources about a unique part of Canada's film history. It will allow students to experience how silent films were made, from start to finish, during the 1920s in Canada.

What: Educational Website Launch
Where: Lakehead University, ATAC 1003
When: Friday, October 15, 2004, at 1:30 p.m.

"Our objective is to have this website used in every school in the country," says Dr. Ron Harpelle, Project Co-ordinator and Chair of the History Department. "It is a valuable resource with a wealth of information on it. This is an intriguing part of our history, and will be an engaging subject for students to learn about."

Speakers at the launch will be Dr. Harpelle; Michel Beaulieu, who worked on research and writing; Noreen Ivancic, the educational designer; and Dan Peerenboom, the Web designer.

MEMBERS OF THE MEDIA are invited to attend the launch. Please call Marla Tomlinson at 343-8177 to have a parking pass issued.


Contact: Marla Tomlinson, Communications Officer, Lakehead University, 807-343-8177

Ron Harpelle, History Department, Lakehead University, 807- 343-8691

25th Annual Lakehead U Engineering Student Society Charity Bus Pull

(Thunder Bay - Thursday, October 7, 2004) A trial of strength and stamina will be taking place in Lakehead University's Agora Circle this Friday. The Lakehead University Engineering Student Society (ESS) will be holding the 25th Annual Charity Bus Pull on October 8 starting at 10 a.m.

What:Charity Bus Pull
When: Friday, October 8 starting at 10 a.m.
Where: Lakehead University Agora Circle

This fun event brings together members of the University and Thunder Bay community to help raise funds for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Thunder Bay.

"Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Thunder Bay have been providing support to Thunder Bay children for many years, and we are very proud to be associated with such a worthwhile cause," says Casey McDonald, President of the ESS.

It will take place throughout the day with each team having up to 20 members pulling a school bus around a timed course. There will also be BBQ and music provided by Lakehead University students to add to this lively event.

Members of the Media are asked to call Casey at 343-8804 or email to find out what times teams are scheduled to pull.


Contact: Marla Tomlinson, Communications Officer, Lakehead University, 343-8177
Casey McDonald, ESS, Lakehead University, 343-8804

Career Day Connects Students with Potential Employers

(Thunder Bay) Lakehead University's Student Placement & Co-op Centre is giving students a head start on their career search by bringing national employers to campus.

Career Day 2004 takes place tomorrow, Wednesday, October 6, in the Agora from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. This is a chance for students and graduates to talk one-on-one with potential employers, learn about various career choices, and find out about hiring processes. There will be approximately 30 employers at the fair this year who have full-time, part-time, and future summer opportunities for students and graduates.

"Career Day is a popular event for students - it's a great chance for them to meet employers and see what opportunities are out there for them," says John DeGiacomo, Manager, Student Placement and Co-op Centre.

What: Career Day 2004
Where:Lakehead University Agora
When:Wednesday, October 6 from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Students and graduates can visit the Student Placement & Co-op Centre in person and/or via the website at for employment services such as an online Student/Alumni Job Bank.

MEMBERS OF THE MEDIA are invited to drop by the Agora to see what career options students are looking into with the variety of visiting employers. There will be a Student Placement and Co-op Centre booth at the fair. Please check in there to speak to a Lakehead U rep about Career Day, or call Rosanna Scaffeo at 807-343-8264.


Contact: Marla Tomlinson, Communications Officer, Lakehead University, 807-343-8177