Lakehead University - 50th Anniversary Call for Nominations Celebrating 50 Years of Research Excellence

Deadline:  There is still an opportunity to submit your story ideas until January 26, 2015.

Please submit nomination form to:  The Office of the Vice-President Research, Economic Development, and Innovation, UC 2009, Lakehead University Thunder Bay, ON, P7B 5E1 (

In celebration of its 50th anniversary, Lakehead University is seeking story ideas featuring the positive legacy from research and innovation activities.  These research contributions may include significant innovations, research milestones, and research projects undertaken by faculty and/or students that have taken place throughout the past 50 years. The 50th Anniversary of Lakehead University provides an excellent opportunity to showcase Lakehead’s past and ongoing research contributions regionally, nationally and internationally.

The selection of the 50 Research Stories will be decided by a committee managed under the auspices of the 50th Anniversary Committee and the Office of the Vice-President, Research, Economic Development, and Innovation at Lakehead University.  This initiative is intended to celebrate the accomplishments of Lakehead researchers; as such, the selected 50 Research Stories will be recognized during the 10th Anniversary of Research and Innovation Week in 2015.  In addition, each nominee will be featured on Lakehead University’s 50th Anniversary webpage.  The mission of the 50th anniversary celebration is to recognize our alumni. As such, stories which highlight how alumni have been involved in a research project are especially encouraged.

Note:  Lakehead is accepting story ideas.  The actual writing of the story will be done through the Office of Research Services.



  • A research story (completed or currently underway) in which a researcher or research team, alumni, and/or a community(ies) or organization(s) have demonstrated a positive impact or improvement in the state of knowledge of the research community.
  • Nominee(s) must be a Lakehead University faculty member (past or present) or alumni.
  • We encourage you to look to the past as well as the present.
  • Nominations must be written in lay language.


Nomination Procedure

A signed nomination letter for the award, accompanying the following form, must be submitted stating why the researcher(s) and/or team has been nominated.  Self-nominations from Lakehead University faculty with accompanying documentation will be accepted.

 Signed letters and forms may be returned by e-mail to

Selection Criteria

As noted above, this project is more about celebration rather than a competition. However, if more than 50 stories are submitted then the committee will determine which ones will be featured using the following criteria:

  • Evidence that the research advanced the field of knowledge and/or had a positive impact and produced societal/economic benefits;
  • Excellence of the researcher(s) and their team; and
  • Contribution to training of highly qualified personnel and/or involvement of alumni in the project.


Also please note that it is not guaranteed that every story idea submitted will be used.


Deadline & Award Dates

Nominations must be received no later than January 9, 2015. Announcement of the award will be made during the 2015 Research and Innovation week. Some award winners may be invited to make a public presentation about the project during Research and Innovation week.


Further Information

For further information about the award, please contact:

Dr. Andrew P. Dean, Vice-President, Research, Economic Development, and Innovation (Interim)


Please submit nomination form to:

The Office of the Vice-President Research, Economic Development, and Innovation, UC 2009, Lakehead University Thunder Bay, ON, P7B 5E1


+1 (807) 343-8201

Revised Vice-President Research, Economic Development and Innovation (VP REDI) Strategic Fund guidelines and procedures / Call for proposals - Sustainability Studies Research Grant (Pilot)

Revised Vice-President (REDI) Strategic Fund guidelines and procedures / Call for proposals - Sustainability Studies Research Grant (Pilot)

Dear Lakehead Universtiy Faculty Member:

A.  Please note that the Vice-President Research, Economic Development and Innovation (VP REDI) Strategic Fund guidelines and procedures have recently been updated and can be found by clicking here.

B.  Special Call as part of VP REDI Strategic Fund:  Research Facilitation Fund: Sustainability Studies Research Grant (Pilot) - Five awards of up to $5,000 each

Deadline:  May 25, 2015.  For more information, please click here.

Pre-amble: A key message in the current academic/research plan is that the university must recognize the important role it plays in sustainability stewardship. A senior level Sustainability Advisory Committee has been established to oversee the development and implementation of an Action Plan for increasing our awareness and commitment to sustainability at the university. The recent STARS assessment for the University ( will provide a framework for developing the action plan. In order to assist this initiative, the Office of Vice-President (Research, Economic Development and Innovation) is providing funding for a pilot program to increase research in Sustainability Studies. When applying for this grant, key things to consider are:

  • The interdisciplinary approach to the research project;
  • The relationship of the project to the broad themes of sustainability as represented by the STARS assessment; and
  • Community involvement or the impact of the project on communities.
Purpose: To promote interdisciplinary research activity that leads to finding innovative solutions to sustainability challenges.

Deadline:  May 25, 2015.  For more information, please click here.

Internal Call for Proposals: Innovative Designs for Accessibility (IDeA) student competition

Internal Call for Proposals:   Innovative Designs for Accessibility (IDeA) student competition

The Council of Ontario Universities, in partnership with the Government of Ontario, is pleased to present the fourth annual Innovative Designs for Accessibility (IDeA) student competition.

COU is seeking innovative, cost-effective and practical solutions to accessibility-related barriers in the community, and is challenging Ontario’s university undergraduate students to use their creativity, working individually or in teams with industry, government and community partners, including members of the disability community, to identify an accessibility-related issue, develop a plan to address the issue, and create an innovative and unique solution to it.

The Competition is open to all individuals who:

a) reside in Ontario; and
b) are enrolled as an undergraduate student at an Ontario University
All submissions are to address one of the five barriers to accessibility that have been identified in the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). These barriers are:

·         attitudinal;

·         information and communications;

·         technological;

·         organizational; and

·         architectural/structural.


Each institution can submit no more than four projects per category and a maximum of 10 submissions overall.  An internal committee will review submissions to determine which entries are sent to COU.  Submissions must be made no later than April 19, 2015.

For more information on how to submit your idea as well as competition rules and regulations, please visit the IDeA website.

Canada First Research Excellence Fund: Internal Call for Expressions of Interest

Canada First Research Excellence Fund (CFREF)

Internal Call for Expressions of Interest (EOI)

The Government of Canada recently announced a major new funding opportunity known as the Canada First Research Excellence Fund. The purpose of this program is to enable Canadian postsecondary institutions to excel globally in strategic research areas that have the potential to create long-term economic advantages for Canada.  Under this program, researchers cannot apply to the Fund directly, but applications must be submitted by the Universities. Each university can only submit one application as the lead. 

The next deadline for the submission of letters of intent to the Fund is August 31, 2015.  Lakehead University research teams that are interested in being part of a Lakehead University submission to the Fund are invited to submit expressions of interest that will identify a research proposal that would help Lakehead ". . . to achieve global excellence and leadership in research, in areas of strategic relevance for Canada."

Please note proposed research strategy and areas must align with Lakehead's research strengths as outlined in our Academic/Research Plan as well as the Government of Canada’s science, technology and innovation priority research areas.

When preparing an expression of interest, researchers should consider the following information taken from the Canada First Research Excellence Fund guidelines: 

Each proposal may focus on one or more highly strategic research areas. Proposals for lower-value awards are expected to be for initiatives that will advance a single area of research excellence at an institution. Proposals for large awards could advance more than one area of research excellence at the institution. The institution must make the case for the choice of research area(s), and must describe how advancing this/these would serve the institution’s overall strategy for global excellence.

Finally, faculty members should also keep in mind the Fund's selection criteria when preparing their EOIs.

EOIs are due March 30, 2015 to Dr. Andrew P. Dean, Interim Vice-President Research, Economic Development and Innovation; EOIs must be no longer than three pages and must include the following:

  • A description of the research proposal and how the proposal would help Lakehead achieve research excellence on a global scale.
  • A list of Lakehead University researchers or researchers at other Universities (Canadian and international) who would be part of achieving the proposed research strategy.
  • A list of potential partners who would be a part of achieving the proposed research strategy.
  • A draft high-level budget.

While LU can be the lead institution on only one proposal, we may participate as partners on other Universities’ proposals.  Please identify by March 30 if you have been invited to be part of another University’s CFREF submission or if you know of Universities that Lakehead should approach to partner with.

Please do not hesitate to contact Anne Klymenko by e-mail:  or by phone (ext. 8223) if you have further questions about the CFREF.

 Dr. Andrew P. Dean

Interim Vice-President (Research, Economic Development and Innovation)

Building Research Capacity Award Nominations Accepted until Monday February 2, 2015

Each year the Building Research Capacity Award honours a Lakehead faculty researcher or group of researchers who have contributed to major research initiatives and/or furthered our University’s research capacity and productivity as a whole.

If you would like to nominate such a faculty researcher, please see the attached document for information about eligibility requirements, the nomination process and selection committee.

An engraved plaque and a $1,000 cash award will be presented to the recipient.

Nomination deadline is Monday February 2, 2015.


Andrew P. Dean, Ph.D.
Vice-President, Research, Innovation and Economic Development (Interim)
Lakehead University
955 Oliver Road - UC 2003
Thunder Bay, ON, Canada, P7B 5E1

International Development Week

Engage and Make a Difference

Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of International Development Week with the Resources, Economy and Society Research Group (RESRG) at Lakehead University. IDW runs from February 1 to 7 and this year RESRG will mark the occasion with a series of presentations on the Thunder Bay campus. RESRG at Lakehead University is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, and was founded as a means of building research capacity by encouraging new research activities among faculty with diverse interests and experience. Focusing on issues related to local, regional, and global development, our research group brings together scholars working on issues pertaining to Canada and the world. Find out about research on Healthcare in Africa, Wildlife Conservation in Latin America, Development Challenges in Eastern Europe, Poverty Alleviation in Asia, Resource Economies in the Arctic, and find out about a new teaching tool for international development. All the events are free and open to the public.The event is support by the Office of Research, WUSC and LUSU. For more information contact or please click here.

Major New Funding Opportunity Announced by Canadian Government: Canada First Research Excellence Fund

The Canada First Research Excellence Fund (the Fund) helps competitively-selected Canadian postsecondary institutions turn their key strengths into world-leading capabilities.

The Fund helps institutions:

  • compete with the best in the world for talent, for partnership opportunities, and to make breakthrough discoveries;
  • seize emerging opportunities and strategically advance their greatest strengths on the global stage; and
  • implement large-scale, transformational and forward-thinking institutional strategies.

For more information about this major new funding opportunity, please click here.

Lakehead University Recognized for Exemplary Equity Practices in 2014 by the CRC

The Canada Research Chairs Secretariat has recognized Lakehead for following exemplary practices in the recruiting of CRCs as well as in achieving Lakehead's equity targets in the recruitment of CRCs.

For more inforamtion, please click here.