About the Classroom Experience

Humanities 101 provides students with a semester long, non-credit experience that teaches you, a student, about the Humanities and Social Sciences as well as the benefits of learning.

During the program, students attend a weekly class that runs for three hours at Lakehead University’s Thunder Bay or Orillia campus. Each class addresses a different topic in order to introduce you to a range of ideas and interests. Qualified University professors and volunteer experts teach each class and help you to understand and apply the information to your own life.

What will students learn?

The Humanities 101 program includes a number of classes that vary in subject matter and teaching style. Each class is an exciting opportunity for you to learn something new and apply the information to your life and course work.

Through our program, you will have the opportunity to learn about a variety of topics, such as:

For more information about specific courses as well as their instructors, please see our past course outlines on the course outline page.

Do Students need to buy textbooks?

Students are not required to purchase any texts. The instructor will distribute any articles, poems, and other readings in class.

Is there any Homework?

All assignments are optional; instructors will assign assignments at their own discretion. If the professor opts to give an assignment, he or she will describe its guidelines during the class. Students may request feedback on the assignments. Assignment due dates will be determined when the instructor assigns the assignment.

How are Students Evaluated?

Since Humanities 101 is a non-credit course, instructors will not provide a grade on any assignments (e.g. pass/fail or letter grade). However, there will be opportunity for students to obtain feedback on his or her progress as well as share ideas about your future after the program.