Support for Students

The Humanities 101 program supports the community and its members through education. However, we also provide you, the student, with other means of support so you can participate in the program and focus on learning.

To support our students further, we hold special events such as an Orientation Day to familiarize you with the University as well as a Pathways Workshop that helps you to explore your educational opportunities after the Graduation Ceremony.

Academic Support

While students attend Humanities 101, you receive a wide variety of academic support to help you succeed. Humanities 101 students have access to the same support as Lakehead University students such as the following:

  • Access to computers: Humanities 101 students can access the internet and other online resources using their student computer accounts and Lakehead’s campus computers
  • Access to the library: Each Humanities 101 student receives a library card, which you can use to withdraw books from any campus library
  • Access to school supplies: Students do not have to purchase any textbooks or school supplies when participating in Humanities 101. All students receive the necessary school supplies when they begin the program
  • Access to experts: Lakehead University mentors, graduates of Humanities 101, and Lakehead University professors support Humanities 101 students during the program. These individuals can help you to adjust to the classroom and learn the material

Personal Support

Students in Humanities 101 can also receive assistance to overcome financial barriers and make it easier to attend and also succeed during the program. We offer you, as a student, the following support during the Humanities 101 program:

  • No cost for students: There is no cost for students when participating in the Humanities 101 program
  • Access to childcare/ elderly care: If necessary, students can receive financial support for childcare or elderly care
  • Transportation Support: If necessary, students can receive a transportation allowance from Thunder Bay Public Transit in order to attend class
  • Access to a meal: Because Humanities 101 takes place in the evening, we provide all students with a meal during class
  • Students are there to help: Other Humanities 101 students can provide you with a lot of support and make the course enjoyable. Each student brings something unique to the program and is there to share it with others

Supporting Students is Important to Everyone's Success

Our program is filled with people who love learning and love to teach; this passion is visible in everyone’s willingness to help. Each person involved with Humanities 101 is there to support and help you to learn and succeed.