How Humanities 101 Works

Our Humanities 101 program is a one-semester, non-credit course that teaches you a range of topics from both the Humanities and Social Sciences. During the program, students attend classes each week; each class is approximately three (3) hours long and includes a break. As a student, you will complete assignments, interact with experts, and gain experience in higher education.

Our program’s success as well as the success of our students depends on community engagement and passionate volunteers; we collaborate with the community to ensure that the program is a positive experience for the community and everyone involved. 

How do students become involved?

For a student to participate in Humanities 101, a community service agency must recommend him or her to the program. Because community service agencies are familiar with the prospective student, the recommendation process helps us to assure that he or she meets the program requirements and has the desire to succeed in the program.

To participate in the Humanities 101 program, a student must meet the following requirements:

  • Be 17 years of age or older
  • Be able to read a news paper

For more information about becoming a student, or becoming involved with Humanities 101, please see Becoming Involved with Humanities 101.

Who teaches the program?

Many of our instructors are Lakehead University professors, while others are community activists or educational leaders affiliated with other schools.

Our instructors volunteer their time to provide interesting, fun, and thought-proving lessons; their expertise, passion, and love of learning helps to make Humanities 101 a valuable experience for students.

Humanities 101 Alumni and Lakehead University Mentors (graduate students) also volunteer their time to orient students and help you to adjust to university-level classes.

What will students learn?

Humanities 101 is a multidisciplinary program that introduces students to many topics; this format helps to ensure that you will learn about a subject that interests you. For more information about Humanities 101’s courses, click the following link:

Is there a fee?

Humanities 101 offers a quality educational experience without any fees. We also provide students with academic, personal, and financial support. For more information about student support, click the following link:

A History of learning

Our Humanities 101 program has a unique history and structure that fits our communities and their member’s needs. For more information about our history and structure, use the following resources: