Program Mission, Vision, and Values

The following Mission, Vision, and Values guide our Humanities 101 program and its relationship with the community and its members.


The mission of Humanities 101 at Lakehead University is to remove financial barriers that allow community members to participate in a university-level educational experience.


In accordance with Lakehead University’s vision, Humanities 101’s activities are intended to serve and enrich our community through education.


  1. Belief in People: Humanities 101 believes that, in the absence of barriers, individuals move towards their potential.
  2. Respect of Others: Humanities 101 conducts all of its activities in an open, supportive, trusting, and inclusive manner.
  3. Education: Humanities 101 recognizes education as an intrinsic right of all people.
  4. Community: Humanities 101 acknowledges the necessity for collaboration between Lakehead University and the community at large.
  5. Democracy: Humanities 101 supports the democratic process in all of its activities.
  6. Self-determination: Humanities 101 recognizes the right and capacity of all people to choose their own life path.
  7. Integrity: Humanities 101 supports both the professional and ethical standards as defined by Lakehead University.