Student Experiences

Our students each bring a passion and wealth of knowledge to Humanities 101 helping to make it a invaluable experience. Students not only learn from our high quality instructors but also learn from each other. The interactive nature of our program helps students to develop their knowledge, confidence, and provides a chance to share their own experiences.

Getting to Know our Students

Each student experience is filled with excitement, doubt, and most important, success. The following resources give you an opportunity to get to know some of our past students and the work that they did during their Humanities 101 experience.


See what our past students and instructors have to say about Humanities 101:

Ava *

Read more about Ava *'s experience.

To all professors of HUM101, I thank you for sharing your talents, time, wisdom and knowledge with all the students - no matter who they are, where they come from, and what they wanted from having...

Barb Kucherka

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This program has given students the opportunity to get a taste of university life when they so often feel that they're not capable of the work. Whether they ultimately pursue this path or not, the...

Bonnie *

Read more about Bonnie *'s experience.

Humanities 101 is to George* (and likely to most of its students) the opening of a long locked door. For him to have this chance is important to him, and to our family. To say it compares in our...

Brenda Atwood

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I was so impressed with the concept of HUM 101 when I first read about it in a Reader's Digest article. When Lakehead University began a similar program, I knew I wanted to be associated in some way...

Cammileah *

Read more about Cammileah *'s experience.

To be honest, when I first heard of Humanities 101, learning was not first on my list of priorities. I was thinking it would be a good "free" meal and I would not have to eat alone. I had just come...

Darrell Presenger

Read more about Darrell Presenger's experience.

Humanities 101 has provided an outstanding opportunity for our Ontario Works participants. The experience of exposure to post secondary education was exciting for our participants. I am confident...

Dawn *

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Humanities 101 opened a door in my life that I never even knew existed. Before taking this course, I never dreamed that I could ever pursue a post secondary school education or ever look forward to...

Dr. Doug West

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My experience with the students in Humanities 101 helped me to remember why I became a teacher. There is such delight in drawing people out of their often self-imposed shells and helping them to...

Dr. John O'Meara

Read more about Dr. John O'Meara's experience.

Humanities 101 is an innovative program that is grounded in research and distinguished by strong connections to diverse communities.  Humanities 101 is a successful example of how Lakehead...

Marc Mullo

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"This excellent opportunity to help further my education was definitely worth it, the staff and mentors are engaging and friendly. I learned more than I thought I would from these informative...

Nadine *

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I'm so proud of myself. My daughter needed help to get something for an assignment in high school, she's taking sociology class. I can do that. I can get some stuff. So I went in there all by myself...

Serena *

Read more about Serena *'s experience.

I always wanted to go to university, but in the last 5 years of my life, that dream slowly died, and I gave up on the thought of ever being able to pursue what seemed like such an impossible feat....