Humanities 101's Structure

Our Humanities 101 program has a unique structure that helps us to be flexible and provide an excellent educational opportunity for our communities and their members. The following section provides an overview of our structure:

Operational Planning Committee

  • The Operational Planning Committee developed the initial plan for Lakehead University’s Humanities 101 program
  • This committee formed the program’s needs assessment, action plan, funding strategies, and initial curriculum requirements
  • The Operational Planning Committee was mainly responsible for planning the program and ensuring that after the six month planning phase, the other committees could seamlessly begin to develop the program
  • Comprised of volunteer faculty members, staff, students, and community stakeholders

Program Advisory Committee (PAC)

  • The PAC oversees the implementation and management of Lakehead University’s Humanities 101 program in their respective communities
  • The Committee reviews the program regularly to ensure that students are receiving the best possible learning experience
  • The PAC includes volunteer faculty members, staff, students, alumni, and community members
  • Committees in Thunder Bay and Orillia report to the Lakehead's President
What is the PAC Responsible For?

The PAC makes decisions on program topics such as:

  • The PAC works to identify and secure funding for the operational costs
Volunteer Coordination:
  • We focus on recruiting and coordinating volunteers
  • The PAC also identifies faculty and students for teaching
Communication and Curriculum Development
  • Clerical/record keeping/information gathering and dissemination of information: we maintain all written records, and receive all correspondence while also being responsible for public relations
  • Course development: we are responsible for the development of class scheduling, photocopying of class material, coordination of subjects to be presented
  • We are responsible for keeping records in the area of finances
  • We ensure the development of a financial management system, which safeguards against the mismanagement of funds while also meeting any government requirements for the gathering and spending of donated funds
Material Acquisitions
  • We work towards securing donated materials such as school supplies, food, and transportation.
  • We identify/acquire classroom space, and ensure that any materials, equipment for classes are available
  • The PAC ensures that all materials needed for admissions are in place before the beginning of the intake process