Humanities 101

Humanities 101 is a community based outreach program, which ensures that community members, who have a love of learning, have access to a university-level educational experience despite financial or social barriers.

We work to benefit the community and its members through education and the development of knowledge, transferable skills, and self-empowerment. We provide a healthy and supportive environment where you, the student, can experience the excitement and benefits of a post-secondary education without the costs.

What is Humanities 101?

Humanities 101 is a free opportunity for individuals who want to expand their education. This program is an opportunity for you, a recommended student, to expand your academic knowledge as well as a chance to develop personally and as a member of the community. Humanities 101:  

  • Introduces students to the excitement and interest that accompanies the discovery and creation of knowledge
  • Acquaints students with the potential benefits of higher education experiences
  • Provides assistance to students in order to overcome barriers to higher-level educational experiences
  • Provides an opportunity for students to explore university-level education
  • Motivates students to be a positive influence in his or her community
  • Inspires students about the different educational avenues that are available
  • Helps students to realize that a post-secondary education is possible

Humanities 101 is a Part of Your Journey

This program is a part of your academic journey. Humanities 101 does not provide entry into Lakehead University; however, it does guarantee an opportunity to learn about yourself and your educational options.