The Lakehead University School of Nursing has 4 dedicated nursing labs to provide hands-on learning experience to students at every year level in both undergraduate and graduate nursing programs.  

The suite of lab resources includes the main Nursing Fundamentals Lab, the Nursing Simulation Lab, the Nursing Skills Lab, and the Nursing Specialties Lab.

Labs are considered to be part of clinical practice, and are carried out in a safe, supervised environment. Students will be expected to wear clean, professional looking scrubs, have their ID badges, and appear as they would in the clinical setting (no jewelry, etc.) during labs. Hair must be neat, tied back and off the collar. Students must bring clean indoor closed shoes (e.g., no open heels or toes). Please refer to the School of Nursing Uniform Policy for more information. 
Students must practice all skills in the lab before performing them in the clinical area.  Attendance is critical for the acquisition of nursing theory and theory application in skill acquisition in order to be prepared for clinical practice.

 New clinical skills lab image