Music by Dr. Aris Carastathis on new CDs

Aleph Iwona Glinka Flute, Vicky Stylianou Piano   One Minute Iwona Glinka Flute Solo  Beth Iwona Glinka Flute

Three new CD releases by Sarton Records, Warsaw, Poland include four compositions by Aris Carastathis.  They include "Three Moods of Summer" for flute and piano,  "Tweet" for flute, "Stargaze" for alto flute and "Contortions" for flute, performed by Iwona Glinka and Vicky Stylianou.  They can be heard at Naxos Music Library and are available through iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify.

Steinway Concert Grand Piano arrives on March 29, 2017!

Did you know that March 29th is International Piano Day? It is, after all, the 88th day of the year. It is also the date of arrival of our Steinway D Concert Grand Piano! A huge "Thank You" goes to so many of you, donors, students, faculty and staff, who have made this dream a reality with your generous support! Please stay tuned for announcements to celebrate this important milestone in the history of the Department of Music.