Admission Requirements for Music

In addition to the general Lakehead University Admission Requirements, students applying to the Music Program at Lakehead University must pass both an Audition in their chosen instrument or voice and a Theory Entrance Test.  In rare cases a conditional acceptance may be offered which will vary with each applicant.  For more information and specific details on a conditional acceptance please contact the Department of Music at 807-343-8787.


Applicants must audition with two or three contrasting works (i.e. slow and fast, from different music periods) not exceeding a total of 10 minutes in duration.  The works must be from the classical repertoire.

In person

Students who plan to audition in person may book a time for their audition by calling the Department of Music.  Auditions are held periodically from February to June and, in general, they can be arranged individually to accommodate the applicant.  Depending on space availability late auditions may take place during the summer months.  Early auditions are highly recommended to avoid disappointment.  Applicants must bring copies of the music they will perform for the audition panel.

By Mail (recorded on CD-R, DVD-R or other portable media)

It is possible to audition by sending a recorded performance.  The recording must be unedited (one take from beginning to end of each work).  Please include copies of the printed music. 

Theory Entrance Test

The purpose of the Theory Entrance Test is to establish the applicant's basic knowledge of Music Rudiments.  Successful completion of this test allows the applicant to enrol in Music Theory I (MUS 1340).

In person

Students may take the Theory Entrance Test on the same date of their audition or on a different date by notifying the Department of Music.  The test takes approximately one hour. 

By Mail

It is possible for students to take the Theory Entrance Test by mail.  The test will be mailed to the student in a sealed envelope with instructions on how to proceed. Normally, students must make arrangements with a school or community official, who will supervise and return the completed test to the Department of Music directly.