Undergraduate Study in Geology

Undergraduate field trip.

The Earth on which we live is a fundamental part of our environment. Understanding this environment is the realm of geology - the science concerned with the study of the Earth. In your program of study you will cover a wide range of topics including mineralogy, petrology, environmental geology, economic geology, sedimentology, geophysics and plate tectonics. As a student studying geology at Lakehead University, you will experience a blend of lectures, seminars, labs and field work. Faculty members of the Department of Geology are involved in regional and international research and they will share their experiences with you.

Undergraduate students will undertake two field schools during their degree, one at the end of their second year and one at the start of their final year. You can find some photos of field schools here. This experience makes students more "marketable" as paid employees earlier in their careers. The location of Lakehead University within the heart of the Canadian shield means that geology students regularly find summer employment with the mineral exploration industry that is active in the area. Our students spend their summers in a wide variety of locations, you can see some photos of their summer work experiences.

Career opportunities abound for Geology graduates. Geoscientists have the option of working in the field, in the laboratory or combining both, getting the best of both worlds. The opportunities for travel are unparalleled among the scientific professions. Furthermore, the use of modern scientific equipment by geologists provides stimulating challenges to those interested in analytical chemistry, geophysics or computers. By combining studies in Geology, Geology with Physics or Geochemistry with other science majors, it is possible to become involved in some exciting areas of geoscience. Among other things geologists are involved in exploration for mineral or energy resources, monitoring surface and groundwater pollution, monitoring earthquakes and volcanoes, finding safe locations for dams and waste disposal sites. For many students, studying geology will lead to careers in the exploration industry both in Canada and overseas, in environmental monitoring, with federal and provincial geological survey organizations or in academia. Learn more about some of our Geology graduates and what they do for a living.

Detailed Program Descriptions for Geology

Core Programs


We offer two 4-year programs for Geology majors. Honours BSc program is recommended for students that intend to continue on to graduate school. The BSc program is intended for students desiring to enter the workforce immediately after earning their undergraduate degree. The curriculum for the first three years of both programs are the same. The programs differ in the fourth year with students in the Honours program having to complete and undergraduate thesis. More information ...

Earth Science

Earth Science is our 3-year BSc program. This program is recommended for students, seeking a background in Geology, that are planning on entering a post-degree professional program, such as Education. Students are advised to verify the entrance requirements of any post-degree program prior to choosing this option. More information ...

Outcrops of diabase sills on Lake Nipigon.
Outcrop of diabase sills on Lake Nipigon

Multi-disciplinary Programs

Environmental Studies and Earth Science

Graduates of this 4-year program earn an Honours Bachelor of Environmental Science (HBESc). This program provides students interested in pursuing a career in the field of Environmental Science with a strong background in Geology. More information ...


Geoarchaeology represents the application of geographical and geological concepts and methods to aid in the interpretation of the archaeological record of ancient human societies. The Geoarchaeology program integrates a series of relevant courses taught in the Departments of Anthropology, Geography and Geology. This interdisciplinary program offers curriculae for either a 3-year BSc or a 4-year HBSc More information ...

Water Resource Science

Water Resource Science is a new interdisciplinary program available at Lakehead University. Both 4-year BSc and 4-year HBSc programs are available. Core courses in the fields of Biology, Geology and Geography provide an understanding of the complex interactions among aquatic life, the physical and chemical nature of the aquatic environment and the impact humans can have on this ecosystem. More information ...

Geography with Geology Minor

This 4-year HBSc program offered by the Geography Department provides students with a good background in geology. More information ...