Water Resource Science

The Water Resource Science program offers valuable knowledge and necessary skills to enable Lakehead graduates to achieve water related careers, protecting and advocating for our most valuable resource.

This science based program produces graduates who will have the knowledge and skills necessary to solve programs concerning the natural environment.

Interested in Water Resource Science?

Students interested in Water Resource Sciences at Lakehead University will learn....

  • Problem solving skills and knowledge concerning our natural environment
  • An understanding of how natural systems interact
  • The effects of human activity on the natural environment
  • Techniques for rehabilitating damaged systems

What is Water Resource Science?

The study of Water Resource Science directly places emphasis on determining how the ecology, physical processes and chemistry of natural systems interact to produce the varying environments present on Earth.

Water Resouce Science will Include:

  • Wetland Ecology
  • Biology, Earth Sciences and Environmental Chemistry
  • Hands on access to a vast comprehensive real-life laboratory, on campus
  • An understanding of public policies related to water


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