Summer work in Geology

Every summer undergraduate and graduate studies in the geology program at Lakehead go to work for a variety of companies. These jobs may include working in the Arctic or Northern Ontario for Junior Exploration companies or undertaking research with faculty at Lakehead. This page highlights some of these activities.

Summer of 2009

Ruth and Katarina Bjorkman spent part of their summer  mapping on the Hackett River Project for Sabina Silver.  In Katarina's words "It is an advanced VMS project centred on Camp Lake, located ~300km NNW of Yellowknife and ~70km S of Bathurst Inlet (Arctic Ocean.).  There were between 30-40 people in camp at a time with a field crew, a team for core-land, drillers, geophysicist, camp management, cooks and the helicopter crew.  We were transported each day by helicopter to our area of mapping where we mapped lithology as well as alteration, which occurred as distinct coarse-grained amphibolite-grade mineral assemblages.  The barrenlands are beautiful, with boulder-strewn ridges, eskers and morraines inhabited by stunted shrubs, caribou, hare, sic-sics, occasional Grizzly bears and muskox, and dotted with trout-laden blue-green lakes and streams."


Looking across camp to the Main Zone 

Heading off to work...

Manouvering a replacement motor off the Twin Otter.

Long-lining a replacement motor for the drill


Meeting for lunch on a cold day.

Discussing how chert/carbonate xenoliths are scattered in a felsic volcanic lapilli tuff.




Summer of 2008 

Roisin Kyne spent part of her summer in Mexico where she was undertaking field work for her Honours project on clay minerals associated with porphyry mineralisation. During her time in Mexico she had a chance to climb El Chichon, which last errupted in 1982.


El Chichon volcano, Mexico 

Roisin standing on the edge of the El Chichon summit crater


Marc Rinne spent the summer of 2008 working in Northern Ontarion. Fieldwork in northern Ontario often involves using a helicopter to access the outcrops. These two photos were taken by Marc Rinne during his summer work with MetalCORP in the Marathon area



Steve Siemieniuk spent much of his summer working in Nunavut. These photos were taken in the area in 2007.   


Steve modelling the latest geophysical equipment  

Helicopters are essential for work in the arctic 


Inukshuks are found across the landscape



Muskox are common 



The exploration camp where Steve was based