Teaching Assistant Positions 2020-2021

The Thunder Bay campus is currently monitoring enrolment for the fall and winter terms.  Once graduate students have been assigned TA positions, any remaining positions will be posted here.  Email PDF application package to mnmoore@lakeheadu.ca and biology@lakeheadu.ca.


This list is subject to change, but we are currently accepting applications for:

BIOL 1130 FA - Plant Biology (cc package to swalford@lakeheadu.ca)   FILLED BY GRADUATE STUDENTS

BIOL 2011 FA - Human Musculoskeletal Anatomy (NOTE: Send application to donna.newhouse@lakeheadu.ca)  FILLED

BIOL 2210 FA - Intro Ecology (cc package to dbrazeau@lakeheadu.ca  FILLED BY GRADUATE STUDENTS

BIOL 3138 - Intro DNA Molecular Methods

Please do not apply until August 1, 2020 AND you have your Fall Schedule.  If you are interested in a Winter course as well, include that in your cover letter and forward us your Winter schedule when finalized.  All positions are pending budgetary approvals.


This list is subject to change, but we are currently accepting applications for:

BIOL 1110 WA - Animal Biology

BIOL 2012 WA - Human Internal Anatomy (cc application to donna.newhouse@lakeheadu.ca)  FILLED

BIOL 2171 WA - Genetics

Please note that due to the number of MSc and PhD students, it is unlikely there are undergraduate positions.   However, we are holding all Fall applicant resumes for considerations in the Winter term.

PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL NEW BIOLOGY TAs ARE REQUIRED TO ATTEND THE TA TRAINING SESSION on FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 11th, 2020 at 3:30 pm VIA ZOOM!  If you are an undergrad with a class, another time can be arranged.  For graduate students, this training is part of BIOL5010FA.   

All new hires must also complete the required LU employee orientation session through Human Resources.


Applications MUST include

  • A cover letter outlining courses you are interested in assisting with, teaching experiences, other relevant information.  Highlight lab sections that fit your timetable. LU Timetable

  • List additional courses you may be interested in.  We keep your application on file in the event that we must fill a position quickly due to a sudden vacancy or increase in enrolment.

  • Your resume or CV.

  • Your unofficial transcript (print from MyInfo).

  • Your personal timetable for each semester.   Confirm that lab sections you wish to TA do not conflict with your courses!   Most TAs are not required to attend the lectures for their course (some exceptions apply).

  • Hard copies of your application package may be dropped off to any technician's office.  

If emailing your application, please put TEACHING ASSISTANT APPLICATION in the subject line.

If you are currently a Fall TA and wish to TA another course in the Winter, please notify Micheal Moore ASAP since a new package may not be required.

Successful Winter applicants will be notified sometime during the Fall term.

The department will keep your application on file in the event that we require additional TAs throughout the semester due to unforeseen circumstances.  Thank you for your interest.