Dr. Rob Mackereth

Fish Habitat Research Scientist, CNFER

Office Location: 
103 - 421 James Street South, Thunder Bay
Academic Qualifications: 

HBSc, MSc University of Western, London ON
PhD University of Guelph, Guelph ON

Research Interests: 

Influence of Landscape Disturbance on Stream Aquatic Communities
Evaluating the influence of landscape disturbance (timber harvest and forest fire) on stream aquatic communities. The research focuses on how disturbance at different spatial scales influences coldwater stream fish (mainly brook char) and their habitat.

Selected Publications

Morris, D.M., R.W. Mackereth, D.R. Duckert, and M.K. Hoepting. 2009. The influence of soil rutting severity on regeneration potential and seedling performance for black spruce-dominated forest ecosystems in Northwestern Ontario. Canadian Journal of Soil Science. In press.

Mucha, J.M. and R.W. Mackereth. 2008. Habitat use and movement patterns of Brook Trout in Nipigon Bay, Lake Superior. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society. 137: 1203-1212.

D'Amelio, S., J.M. Mucha, R.W. Mackereth, and C.C. Wildon. 2008. Tracking Coaster Brook Trout to their sources: combining telemetry and genetic profiles to determine source populations. North American Journal of Fisheries Management. 28: 1343-1349.

Frisbee, M.D., C.J. Allan, J.J. Thomasson, and R.W. Mackereth. 2007. Hillslope connectivity and wetland response of two small zero-order Boreal catchments on the Precambrian Shield. Hydrological Processes. 21: 2979-2997.

Chae, M.S., H. Schraft, L. Truelstrup Hansen, and R.W. Mackereth. 2006. Effects of physiochemical surface characteristics of Listeria monocytogens strains on attachment to glass. Food Microbiology. 23: 250-259.

Leung, K.T., R.W. Mackereth, Y-C. Tien, and E. Topp. 2004. A comparison of AFLP and ERIC-PCR Analyses for discrimination Escherichia coli from cattle, pig, and human sources. FEMS Microbiology Ecology. 47: 111-119.