Committees and Other Activities

APLS Committee

Chair and Program Coordinator: H. Schraft

Facilities Committee

Field Supplies and Equipment: M. Moore
NRM Greenhouse:  S. Walford
Herbarium:  E. Lehmberg
Lab Supplies and Instruments: M. Moore, S, Walford
Safety:  M. Moore (Officer), D. Brazeau (Fire Warden), J. Carney, J. Hughes
Space:  J. Hughes
Biological Aquatics Facility: S. Hecnar, M. Moore
Museum:  J Hughes, E. Lehmberg

Curriculum Committee - Thunder Bay Campus

Chair:  Department Chair
Members:  J. Carney, S. Hecnar

Curriculum Committee - Orillia Campus

Chair:  N. Kanavillil
Members:  S. Kurissery, J. Hughes, P. Lee

Other Activities

Animal Care:  D. Morris
Calendar: D. Law, E. Maunula
GSAC Chair:  K. Leung
Library:  S. Hecnar
Scheduling:  D. Law, E. Maunula, S. Walford
Scholarships (undergraduate):  A. Mallik
Scholarships (graduate):  K. Leung
Seminars and Speakers:  A. Mallik, W. Qin
Web Advisor:  S. Walford, D. Brazeau