Women's Studies

The field of Women’s Studies has transformed dramatically since its introduction to Lakehead University in 1990. Alongside women’s experiences and gendered systems, you will examine elements of:

  • Sexuality
  • Queer Theory
  • Law
  • Masculinity
  • Transnational Activism
  • Ecofeminism
  • Social Justice
  • Pop Culture
  • Embodiment

Through these topics and more, it is our goal to demonstrate how people are constrained by various ideological notions and how these notions can be challenged to facilitate equality.

Our Department of Women’s Studies takes an interdisciplinary approach to feminism. Our faculty members are prominent in the fields of feminist legal studies, women’s health, queer studies, cultural and new media studies and teach related courses that easily springboard our students into the Masters of Social Justice and related postgraduate programs, law schools across Canada, midwifery, policing, and many others.

As a Women’s Studies Honours student you are free to combine your studies with a joint major in Gerontology, Psychology, History, English, Indigenous Learning, Sociology, Outdoor Recreation, or Concurrent Education, as well as Concentration or Specialization options with Social Work.

The Lakehead Advantage

We are the only department at Lakehead University that fulfills the intersectional diversity training, in each of our classes, now required for all Ontario public sector employees. An intersectional approach to diversity training takes into account historical, social, and political contexts - recognizing the unique experience of individuals based on their social location. Taking even one of our Women’s Studies courses fulfills this core competency of diversity.

Our focus on activism and professionalization as part of nearly all of our undergraduate courses means you will experience the hands-on application of theories learned in class, and understand how what you learn will connect you to the job market after graduation.

As part of our curriculum, our students take on project development, volunteer positions and community engagement activities in partnership with organizations throughout the District of Thunder Bay to help achieve greater gender equality. We have had students work with the Thunder Bay Shelter House, the Regional Food Distribution Association of Northwestern Ontario and much more.

What our Students Say

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Women's Studies

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Women's Studies

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