Nursing blends health and social sciences with the humanistic art of caring. Nurses are practitioners, researchers, educators, administrators, and advocates, supporting individuals, families, groups and communities in the achievement of optimal health.

As a student of our Bachelor of Science in Nursing program you will learn to integrate the knowledge, skills and attributes in order to plan and provide excellent nursing care to assist  clients across the lifespan. You will learn:

  • Critically important nursing knowledge foundation for clinical decision making
  • Relational nursing theories applied through classroom, laboratory, and clinical experiences
  • Relational nursing communication and interpersonal skills
  • Key health issues unique to Northern, rural and remote populations including Aboriginal populations

You will have the opportunity to do a clinical placement in the winter term of your first year, experiencing many responsibilities of a Registered Nurse very early on. Our focus on experiential learning and professional socialization makes our program unique compared to other similar programs across Canada. Throughout your undergrad, as your nursing skills progress, you will be exposed to a number of placement opportunities in various nursing sub-specialties.

Our faculty is on the cutting edge of Nursing knowledge and regularly incorporate their research into the classroom with topics related to women's health, the aging process, nursing ethics, nursing care of oncology patients and those with cardiovascular disease, and much more. Our location in Northwestern Ontario has facilitated a strong emphasis on the health concerns of surrounding Aboriginal communities. We have numerous courses which integrate the study and improvement of Aboriginal health and wellness, and the primary health care needs in Northern, rural and remote communities.

Lakehead Advantage

Our Nursing program is designed to impart the foundational knowledge required to excel at professional nursing practice.  Following your nursing education at Lakehead, you will enter nursing practice very well prepared to meet the challenges of a complex and ever-changing health care system.

One factor that sets our program apart is our emphasis on clinical practice starting in first year.  Many other Nursing programs do not provide these opportunities until second or third year. You will graduate with a more developed understanding of the professional nursing role, and of interpersonal and interprofessional care in diverse settings, giving you a professional advantage.

Should you plan to work as a Registered Nurse in Canadian northern, rural or remote settings,  know that our emphasis on Aboriginal health and wellness will provide you with insight into and preparation for these important areas of nursing practice. You will study the unique needs of these populations and may apply this knowledge by completing clinical placements with Aboriginal communities. This first-hand guided experience and professional experience prepares you for a rewarding career working with remote populations, many of which have a chronic nursing shortage. 

We offer a four-year BScN program in collaboration with Confederation College. Lakehead University also offers a three-year compressed program for students who meet university entrance requirements and have a minimum overall high school average of 80%. In the compressed program, in addition to completing courses during the academic year you will be required to enroll in spring/summer courses. This fast-tracked program allows you to write the Nurse Registration Examination one year earlier than students in the four-year BScN program.

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