Natural Science

Our three-year Natural Science program is within the Department of Biology, yet does not require Chemistry and Mathematics prerequisites and contains less theory-based courses when compared to our traditional Biology programs. If you wish to apply, and acquire a basic knowledge of Biology, without pursuing the "career-scientist" route, Natural Science is for you.

Following the completion of your Natural Science studies, you will:

  • Understand the basic principles of life systems and biological diversity
  • Demonstrate a high level of biological literacy
  • Understand the role and relationship of organisms in the environment
  • Exhibit advanced critical thinking and reflective experience skillsĀ 

Our program emphasizes field biology, and integrates many experiential learning opportunities including lab work and research internships. Each year you will have the flexibility to choose electives from other Faculties to supplement your Biology education, and gain a well-rounded and multidisciplinary understanding of living organisms and the environment.

Careers in Outdoor Recreation often require individuals to have a basic biology knowledge. This program will enable you to obtain this training, and combine your Natural Science degree with an Honours Bachelor of Outdoor Recreation.

Lakehead Advantage

Our location in the Boreal Forest makes Lakehead University the ideal institution to study Natural Science. We host intensive local field trips for our undergraduate students, making the most of the environment and wildlife available to us. Many other universities have to travel to get this experience, we can host our field trips within the 3 hours allotted for a class or a lab.

As a Natural Science student you will not only have access to the Lakehead University Instrumentation Lab (LUIL) but you will also be taught to operate the tools and equipment to conduct your own research and generate data yourself. Unlike other universities, you will be able to utilize the lab as opposed to passing off your samples to a technician. This practical knowledge gives you an advantage when applying to graduate or professional school, or a science-based job.

What our Students Say

I chose to come to Lakehead University because it is close to home and the class sizes are small, which allows for more interaction with professors. It is the right university for me because the staff...




Natural Science

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