The academic and professional pursuit of History is the process of bringing the past to life. The study of History encompasses all aspects of human experience, from wars to celebrity culture, and is constantly evolving as our knowledge and perspectives advance.

As a History student you will have the flexibility to pursue your own interests within the discipline and the ability to regularly collaborate with your professors due to our small class sizes. Our courses provide you with various approaches to the study of History and the necessary skills to analyze any issue within its historical context. You will examine historical topics from North America, Europe, Latin America, Africa and South Asia including:

  • Aboriginal History
  • Digital History
  • Environmental History
  • Gender History
  • International Development
  • Political History
  • Medical History
  • Military History
  • Social History

You may choose to combine your History degree with a degree in English, French, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, Women's Studies, Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism and Concurrent Education. Double majoring allows you to apply your History knowledge to a particular subject and focus your studies from first year onward. Various certificate options are also available.  Students can also choose as part of their history degree to do Specializations in Public History or Military History.

We also offer unique experiential learning opportunities including Community Placement and our Public History Field School allowing you to apply your knowledge of various historical periods and theories in the field. 

Lakehead Advantage

Our Community Placement course is a great way to gain experience working in a history or heritage-related career and make professional connections. This course balances seminar classes and assignments with 150 hours of work experience to effectively prepare you to enter the field post-graduation. Our Public History Field School is another unique feature of the program, taking you to a unique destination to study historical sites and monuments from a range of chronological periods.

In addition to our double degree options, we offer the ability to combine your degree(s) with a number of certificates:

Our three-year Bachelor of Arts (History Major) is also offered online adding to our flexible programming and education options to fit your lifestyle. 

What our Students Say

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