Geology is a qualitative science that combines elements of physics, chemistry, biology and other sciences to study the Earth, the processes that make up the Earth, and the history of our planet. As a student in the program you will:

  • Examine rocks, minerals, and sediment
  • Study environmental hazards
  • Explore elements that make up the planets and moons in our solar system
  • And learn much more about our Earth's 4.5 billion-year history

Our location amidst the Canadian Shield functions as an outdoor lab and classroom. Our faculty regularly holds classes outside and organizes field trips and extended field schools to take advantage of the superior environment and give you practical training that is highly valued by the industry from day one.

Our faculty collaborates with industry, government, and other academics with research covering the spectrum, from pure to applied science. This breadth of expertise and course content can meet the interests of any student in the program.

Our program is designed to ensure that you will have the necessary courses to register as a Professional Geologist with APGO, which is required to work as a geologist in Ontario. This experience makes our students highly employable post-graduation.

The Lakehead Advantage

The fundamental goal of our Geology programs is to teach you how to map and identify rocks. This sets our students apart and contributes to a very high employment rate post-graduation working for organizations such as the Ontario Geological Survey and the Geological Survey of Canada.

Our location among the Canadian Shield is ideal for this type of organic, hands-on learning many other universities across Canada have to travel for hours to provide. Our field trips and extended field schools take place in Thunder Bay and the surrounding area, giving you great opportunities to apply in-class learning to real-world situations and materials.

Additionally, our strategic location has allowed us to maintain strong industry and community connections to facilitate summer research opportunities, mentorship, and experiential learning to supplement class time.

What our Students Say

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The geology program at Lakehead will open you to a variety of fields. It's so much more than exploration; it's also business, law, education, and research. Geology is a huge field and you can do...





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