Our Geoarchaeology program is truly unique, and one of the few offered in North America. Our location in Northwestern Ontario, among diverse landscapes, soils, and natural features, makes Lakehead University a great place to study the hands-on discipline.

The program is a collaboration between the departments of Anthropology, Geography, and Geology, and focuses on applying the concepts and methods in these fields to interpret artifacts left behind by ancient societies.

You will explore very diverse topics, related to humankind and Earth, including:

  • Archaeological Site Formation
  • Physical and Natural Science¬†
  • Ancient Cultures
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Human Evolution¬†

If you are inquisitive and enjoy being outdoors and learning about different cultures, Geoarchaeology is the program for you. You will have opportunities to immerse yourself in adventure and discovery with training in the field, access to cutting-edge laboratory facilities, and research collaboration with faculty members. 

Lakehead Advantage

Our Geoarchaeology program is one of the few of its kind in North America. Our unique location is rich with diverse rocks, soils, natural features, and Indigenous communities that add practical learning opportunities and course content specific to Northwestern Ontario. Many of our courses have field and/or lab components that can take place on-campus or in the surrounding area, whereas other universities do not have access to such great resources.

We have a range of laboratories housing world-class equipment, integral to research across Canada:

  • Environmental Archaeology & Paleoecology Laboratory
  • LU GIS Laboratory
  • LU Instrumentation Laboratory
  • LU Map Library
  • LU Paleo-DNA Laboratory
  • Physical Anthropology Laboratory

You will have access to the laboratories, as well as hands-on training to analyze your own samples and generate data.

What our Students Say

Honours Bachelor of Science in GeoarchaeologyDryden, ON I am so thankful that I chose Lakehead University because of the amazing opportunities that I have been presented with through the school. ...





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