General Science

Our General Science program is a great choice if you are looking for a multidisciplinary education that allows you the freedom to explore your interests. It is very easy to move from the General Science program into a specific major at any point during your undergraduate degree. 

Our General Science program has 10 departments for you to choose courses from:

  • Anthropology
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • Mathematical Sciences
  • Geology 
  • Sustainability Sciences
  • Physics 

You are also able to take courses in Environmental Studies, Applied Life Sciences, Environmental Science and Water Resource Sciences 

These departments can be arranged into four subfields if you have determined a topical interest:

Life Sciences

This area focuses on the study of living organisms and how those living systems work. Our natural world is reduced to its most basic principles to observe patterns in organisms from bacteria to humans. Learn more about Applied Life Science, Anthropology, Bioinformatics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics within this area.

Environmental Science & Policy

This area studies the distribution and interaction between humans and the physical features of our world. You will focus on understanding and evaluating environmental issues and choices in a sound scientific manner. Learn more about Earth Sciences, Economics, Geography, Geoarchaeology and Water Resource Science within this area.

Physical Science & Mathematics

Physical Science & Mathematics is about problem solving. You will focus on understanding structures in our day-to-day life and the theories behind them including the study of matter and how matter interacts. Dynamic modelling is a key element of the programs within this area. Learn more about Bioinformatics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematical Sciences and Physics.


This area is all about using the right tools to analyze the data in our world. These tools enable us to shape the future as they study physical characteristics of the world and beyond. Communications, information storage and human-computer interaction are common features of this area. Learn more about Computer Science, Bioinformatics and Physics.

Lakehead Advantage

Our faculty members are very involved in research at a national and international level. As a General Science student you will have many opportunities to participate in cutting-edge research on various topics including condensed matter, behavioural ecology, quantum-chemical exploration and DNA forensics. This hands-on approach to learning and well-rounded lab experience prepares you for success in any field, professional position or post-graduate training.

We have a number of dedicated, accessible resources to assist with research and to supplement your in-class studies including:

  • Lakehead University Centre for Analytical Services (LUCAS) Lab
  • Science Workshop
  • GIS Research Lab
  • Lakehead University Instrumentation Lab (LUIL)

Unlike other universities, you will be trained in the operation of lab equipment to gather and analyze your own data rather than passing it on to a technician. 

We also offer the ability to do a joint BSc degree with a Bachelor of Education (BEd) in Native Education at the primary, junior, intermediate and senior levels. This is particularly beneficial if you wish to teach in Northwestern Ontario. 

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