Computer Science

Studying Computer Science is your gateway to mastering the technology that is rapidly revolutionizing our world. As a Computer Science student you will be able to tailor your education by choosing two program streams: Business Focus or Science Focus.

Our Business Focus provides a path to the Entrepreneurship Certificate offered by the Faculty of Business, whereas our Science Focus emphasizes electives in the Faculty of Science and Environmental Studies. Both paths cover a comprehensive curriculum detailing several languages including Java and C/C++ and feature core Computer Science courses such as:

  • Computer Programming
  • Data Structures
  • Computer Graphics
  • Big Data
  • Mobile Computing
  • Internet Security
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud Computing

Our department has access to some of the latest technology available in Canada housed in our ATAC laboratories, classrooms, our 3-D virtual reality room and our server room with our recently acquired cluster for parallel computing.

During your undergrad you will have the opportunity to participate in our co-operative education program to gain rewarding experiences in the industry, acquire practical skills and earn an income to finance your education. We have placed over 700 students with industry partners including IBM, Environment Canada, RIM, Atomic Energy of Canada, the Canadian Grain Commission, CIBC and more. 

The Lakehead Advantage

Our department is small enough to provide you with direct access to the professors and individual access to advanced computing equipment. Our faculty is active in research and is committed to balancing theoretical information with hands-on opportunities studying topics such as medical informatics, networks, computer security, and artificial intelligence. Projects and research papers are regularly integrated into our undergraduate courses.

We offer a unique Game Programming Specialization that is open to all Computer Science majors. This specialization teaches you the intricacies of animation, two and three dimensional graphics, gameplay and much more while you develop single, multiplayer and mobile games.  

We have a full-time faculty member who is dedicated to mentoring first and second year students’ programming skills. This resource is particularly useful if you have limited experience in computer programming and would like one-on-one time with an expert in the field outside of your class and lab time.


What our Students Say

I decided to study Computer Science at Lakehead University when selecting a program in high school. Computers have always been of interest to me and I excelled in my computer classes in high school so...




Computer Science

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