Geography is the study of spatial patterns and processes on Earth's surface and the relationship between society, populations and the environment. Our Geography programs focus on physical geography, dealing with spatial aspects of land, water and the atmosphere, as well as human geography which explores the cultural, political and economic forces behind the distribution of human activities.

As a Geography student you will spend the first two years building a foundation of knowledge in a wide spectrum of geographical themes which examine:

  • Where populations and activities are located on Earth
  • When and why physical and environmental patterns change
  • The impacts these changes have on human and physical environments
  • The responses to these impacts

In your final two years of study you may specialize in a particular area including: 

  • Climate change
  • Glacial Processes
  • Soil Analysis
  • Conservation
  • Natural Hazards
  • Water Resource Management
  • Sociocultural Geography

Our courses reflect the breadth of the discipline, as well as geographical techniques and research methods such as digital photogrammetry, remote sensing, soil and water testing and geographic information systems (GIS).

We also offer regional field camps and a Regional or International Field Study course that is available in your final year of study.

Lakehead Advantage

In addition to your Geography degree, we offer a concurrent Certificate in Geomatics which includes the study of cartography, air photo interpretation, digital photogrammetry and more applied mapping techniques. This certificate is a great addition to your degree, providing you with practical skills and an employment advantage post-graduation.

Our International Field Study course is open to you as a third or fourth year student and is a unique opportunity to conduct structured and supervised geographical fieldwork. You will work with professors, local geographers and other experts to explore the physical attributes of your destination and gain insight into how diverse the Earth's geography really is. This course is a great opportunity to learn applied geographical methods, network within the industry and expand your knowledge of the Earth's features.

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