We are definitely not Business As Usual. 

Our Faculty of Business Administration has produced creative business leaders through mentorship, innovative programming, challenging consulting opportunities and participation in national and international business competitions.

You will gain a comprehensive understanding of core business disciplines in first and second year of your Honours Bachelor of Commerce, after which you can major in:

1. Business Administration

2. Global Entrepreneurship

In both programs, focus is placed on decision-making and problem-solving in a business context. You will experience traditional lectures, student seminars, formal presentations, group discussions and case study work. We also emphasize group projects to assist your professional and interpersonal development. Students typically select their degree path and major at the end of second year.

We welcome college business graduates to apply for admission to the Bachelor of Administration College Transfer Degree. For more information regarding specific admission requirements, click here.

The Lakehead Advantage 

Depending on your course selection, you may be eligible for considerable advanced standing toward a number of professional designations post-graduation.

Our relatively small class sizes mean you will receive a quality business education in an intimate learning environment. Faculty members have an open-door policy. You will graduate from an internationally recognized Business program, and with a strong network of successful peers and educators in the industry. Our graduates have an impressive employment rate of over 80% within six-months after graduation and 100% after two years. 

What our Students Say

one of the larger cities in Northern Sweden. Studying abroad has always been something that I have wanted to do. The idea first surfaced from when I was travelling a number of years ago. I wanted to...





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