Lakehead University researcher part of team reshaping teaching excellence through accounting and business students

image of research team members

Dr. Camillo Lento, Associate Professor in the Faculty of Business Administration, is one of 12 co-investigators spanning 10 countries and five continents of the project “Reshaping teaching excellence through accounting and business students as generators and co-creators of value for business and society.”

Dr. Nadia Gulko, Associate Professor in the Lincoln International Business School at the University of Lincoln at the United Kingdom, is leading the project. The entire research team includes:

  • Nick McGuigan, Monash University
  • Patricia Everaert, Ghent University
  • Lies Bouten, IESEG School of Management
  • Seyram Kawor, University of Cape Coast
  • Suresh Kumar Sahoo, Sri Sri University
  • Saravana Muthaiyah, Multimedia University, Cyberjaya
  • Sanlie Middelberg, North-West University
  • Nadeeka Withanage, Greenwich University
  • Natalie Churyk, Nothern Illinois University
  • Elizabeth Gordon, Temple University

On December 9, 2022, the research project was recognized at the 2022 American Institute of CPA (AICPA) & Chartered Institute of Management Accounting (CIMA) Annual Global Award Ceremony. The AICPA and CIMA provided research funds for the project, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2023. 

In universities around the world, academics are encouraged to provide excellent education. However, the challenge is that ‘teaching excellence’ is highly subjective and you can define it in different ways.

Teaching excellence contributes to business students' optimal development to become professional and trusted value creators for business and society.

As facilitators of such education, university educators play a crucial role in the development of business students in disciplinary knowledge areas, technical skill application, business acumen development, human capabilities, and people and leadership skills that are founded on ethics, integrity, and professionalism.

This research aims to collect quantitative and qualitative empirical data to advance the understanding of teaching excellence from the perspective of business students spanning ten countries and five continents by investigating an excellent teacher's qualities and competencies.

Finding differences or similarities of what teaching excellence means in each country could help match or manage students’ expectations to increase their engagement and enhance their employability.

This research is informed by the CGMA competency and AACSB accreditation frameworks, which demonstrate an ongoing commitment to excellence in teaching and learner-centred success for facilitating students as well-rounded, future-ready accountants and business professionals.