New Lakehead University Research Chairs (LURCs) Announced

Lakehead University is pleased to announce the selection of faculty members Dr. Connie Russell (Education) and Dr. Salama Ikki (Electrical Engineering) as the newest Lakehead University Research Chairs (LURCs).

Here are some details on our new chairs: 

Dr. Connie Russell photo

Dr. Connie Russell, Lakehead University Research Chair in Environmental Education, will study how humour could be used to better engage the public as well as learners in formal and informal settings with difficult issues like climate change, social injustices, and environmental degradation.   

Dr. Salama Ikki photoAt the same time, Dr. Salama Ikki, Lakehead University Research Chair in Wireless Communications, will undertake research focused on creating a unified theoretical framework that will lead in the application of artificial intelligence to telecommunications systems. Considering various practical constraints, his focus is on the development of  sophisticated algorithms that will enable the realization of these smart systems in realistic environments. 

These two chairs, whose terms last for two years, are the 15th and 16th LUCRs to be appointed since the program commenced in 2008. For more information on our LUCRs and other chairs, please visit the Research and Innovaton website.