The Spring 2021 Journey Magazine has arrived!

Here are some of the stories featured in this issue.

Voyage of Discovery

Photo of sailing
Many people dream of someday embarking upon a bucket-list adventure – like selling everything and hitting the open sea to circumnavigate the globe. Alumna Jennifer Smith (HBSc’85) actually did it.

Changemaker and Risk-Taker

Quentin Evans (HSW’14) is passionate about helping others achieve their goals. He’s currently a community impact project liaison at Georgian College’s Centre for Changemaking and Social Innovation.

Hunger Strike for Health Care

Researcher Dr. Travis Hay explores the implications of Chief Josias Fiddler’s 1988 hunger strike for basic health care in Sandy Lake First Nation in his forthcoming book – The Science of Settler Colonialism.

Canadian Bobsledder Stephanie Drost

Thunder Bay firefighter Stephanie Drost is cool as ice on the bobsled track. The 27-year-old is competing on the European circuit for Team Canada Bobsleigh and she has her sights set on the Olympics.

Trekking to the South Pole

Adventurer Scott Kress (BSc’93/HBOR’93) knows what it’s like to live life on the edge. Scott is the 51st Canadian to summit Mount Everest and he has skied 1,000 kilometres, unsupported, to the South Pole.

Dementia Dialogue

The Dementia Dialogue Podcast – funded by Lakehead’s Centre for Education and Research on Aging & Health – inspires, advocates, dispels misconceptions, and gives a voice to those with dementia.