Mark your calendars: Research & Innovation Week is being held March 1 - 5, 2021 – and this year it’s VIRTUAL!

The theme this year will be "Our Changing World".  We've all heard the catch-phrases: In these unprecedented times, we are all in this together, to try to flatten the curve, while adjusting to a new normal.

Our world is changing, but living through a global pandemic has radically changed so much of our daily lives. We look to scientists, political leaders, artists, and intellectual thinkers for direction, as they work tirelessly to improve health and well-being, drive us toward social equity, and aid us in discerning fact from fiction. These are uncertain times, but as we pivot in these uncharted waters, we look to research and innovation to help us understand and appreciate this new world

Although this year's Research & Innovation Week is virtual, our researchers and guest speakers are ready to showcase research and innovation excellence and the positive impact it has on Our Changing World. This year's lineup of events includes:
  • Opening Ceremonies with keynote speaker Bob MacDonald, host of Quirks and Quarks
  • Dr. Pontzer's Hotter and Sicker Climate Change, Human Health, and the Tangled Evolutionary Roots of Our Species' Dependence on External Energy
  • Virtual 3 Minute Thesis Competition
  • Graduate Student Poster Competition
  • Undergraduate Poster Session
  • Research Showcase highlighting how research and innovation at Lakehead is contributing to the Achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Dr. Linda Ford sharing Mirrwana & Wurrkama Theory: an Indigenist Research Methodology, as part of Lakehead University's Indigenous Speaker Series
  • Virtual Art Tours with Pauline Sameshima launching an internationally juried art exhibition focused on the theme of Our Changing World!
  • And this year the popular IGNITE event will showcase four short "video" research stories.  Starting Monday, March 1, these videos will be launched at 1:00 pm on a number of social media platforms.  Like and share these videos for a chance to win daily prizes.
And this is only the beginning! Visit the website for more information and to register. For more information, please contact Bethanie Kramer at