Dr. Max Haiven publishes new book on Revenge Capitalism

Book image
We typically think of economic systems as dispassionate machines. But in Dr. Max Haiven's new book, Revenge Capitalism: The Ghosts of Empire, the Demons of Capital, and the Settling of Unpayable Debts, Lakehead's Canada Research Chair in Culture, Media and Social Justice asks us to recognize the vindictive dimensions to the global capitalist economy. 
Arguing that an economy can be vengeful even if no one intends it to be, he traces its structural and economic violence to its roots in colonialism, slavery and the immiseration of workers. With eclectic chapters on topics ranging from the ongoing prescription opioids epidemic to Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice, from the scourge of aquatic dead zones to the reality TV series Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian, this is a book that makes an urgent call for the radical imagination.
More information can be found, and books can be purchased, via the publisher, Pluto Press: https://www.plutobooks.com/9780745340562/revenge-capitalism/