Students create cards for seniors

photo of Kaitlyn accepting cards at Glacier Ridge.

Kaitlyn Hynnes, Lifestyle and Programs Manager at Glacier Ridge, accepted the cards in April.

By Brandon Walker

Lakehead University International (LUI) collected more than 70 greeting cards from students, staff, and faculty for seniors at Glacier Ridge.

The cards were emailed to Lakehead International from the end of March until April 19. An LUI staff member brought them to Glacier Ridge on Wednesday, April 22.

“We understand that most of our seniors in these homes are unable to have family and friends visit during this time,” said Sara Melvin, International Student Services Coordinator.

“Having to isolate with minimal contact from anyone can be very lonely. They know they are vulnerable and that must be incredibly scary.”

International students created many of the cards, Melvin said.

The project was coordinated by a Lakehead student employee, International assistant Lahama Naeem.

“Our students have so much respect for elders and felt that by providing these caring cards they were able to extend small gestures of kindness to brighten their day and bring a smile to many seniors’ faces,” Melvin said.

Precautions were taken to make sure the cards were safe to be delivered to Glacier Ridge.

“This was a big consideration for us as we did not want to do a kind gesture that would put any seniors at risk,” Melvin said.

“So, I placed the cards in a folder, which sat for two days before delivery, and I also disinfected the folder before giving it to Kaitlyn at Glacier Ridge,” Melvin said.

“Additionally, Kaitlyn planned to let the folder sit for several days before handing them out. She confirmed this was a safe process and they had no concerns.”

Dr. Moira McPherson, Lakehead’s President and Vice-Chancellor, also created a card for the seniors.

If any retirement homes would like to participate, please contact Melvin at

Press play to watch the video created by LUI and several international students.