Become one of the first ever Global Ambassadors at Lakehead!

Lakehead University International is excited to announce the Global Ambassador Program!

This is the ultimate opportunity for students to represent Lakehead University and express their proud voice and spirit of Lakehead to future students and alumni around the world.

While enriching the student experience on campus and in the community, Global Ambassadors will also have access to exclusive events and opportunities.

Global Ambassadors are considered the leaders of today and tomorrow. As a Global Ambassador, you would represent Lakehead's diverse campus and student body. Together with the team of Global Ambassadors you would enrich the student experience on campus and share your Lakehead pride with future students. You could also have the opportunity to advance and become a leader within the Global Ambassador Program. As a Global Ambassador, you would participate in activities like...

- Connecting with future students in your home country
- Being featured in photoshoots, testimonials, etc.
- Become a campus champion for events and activities
- Volunteering with community organizations

Represent Your University - Join the Global Ambassador Program!

Are you eager to share your Lakehead experience with your home country or be the face of Lakehead for future students? Global Ambassador Program applications for the 2019-2020 school year are now open! To apply, please visit