Dr. Sabah Mohammed

Dr. Sabah Mohammed


Phone Number: 
+1 (807) 343-8777
Office Location: 
AT 5013,
ATAC Building, Lakehead University, 955 Oliver Road, Thunder Bay, Ontario P7B 5E1, Canada
Office Hours: 
As distributed by the course outline or by appointment
Academic Qualifications: 
  • MSc(Glasgow,UK)
  • PhD (Brunel,UK)
  • MBCS,ISP,IEEE Senior Member, PEng

Date joined Lakehead: 
December 2001
Previous Teaching/Work: 

Artificial Intelligence, Game Programming, Programming Languages, Compilers Design, Mobile Computing, Data Mining, Web Technologies, Cloud Computing, Data Science, Health Informatics.

Research Interests: 
  • Security of Health Data
  • Data Science
  • Big Data
  • Mobile Computing
  • Web Intelligence

 Research Positions:


Dr. Sabah Mohammed research interest is in intelligent systems that have to operate in large, nondeterministic, cooperative, survivable, adaptive or partially known domains. Although his research is inspired by his PhD work back in 1981 on the employment of some Brain Activity Structures based techniques for decision making (planning and learning) that enable processes (e.g. agents, mobile objects) and collaborative processes to act intelligently in their environments to timely achieve the required goals. Sabah has extended his research vision to include constructivism and focus more on the nature of knowledge. Since knowledge is created by people and influenced by their values and culture, Sabah’s research has been shifted more towards net centric systems (e.g. Cloud Computing, Social Networking and Enterprise Systems, Web-Based Systems and Big Data). During the last nine years at Lakehead, Sabah’s research is focused on developing ubiquitous healthcare systems that enable sharing securely medical knowledge and data. In particular sharing Electronic Health Records (EHRs) over the Web/cloud is one of the very challenging problems that Sabah is trying to solve. Sabah believes that finding good solutions for sharing EHRs requires approaches that cut across many different fields (e.g. Semantic Web, Web 2.0, Web 3.0, Ubiquitous Computing, Cloud Computing, Medical Informatics, XML Security, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data). He has published several notable publications related to this hybrid area. During 2010 Sabah edited and authored a book on “Ubiquitous Health and Medical Informatics: The Ubiquity 2.0 and Beyond” by IGI Global, USA. Sabah’s professional career includes many achievements. He is the Editor-in-Chief of three international journals on Big Data Security Intelligence (IJBDT), Ubiquitous Multimedia (IJMUE) and Education &Learning (IJEL). Sabah was also the Editor in Chief for the Journal of Emerging Technologies in Web Intelligence (JETWI) (http://www.academypublisher.com/jetwi/index.html) Feb 2009-Feb 2013 (Currently he is the Honorary Editor of JETWI). Sabah was also a Visiting Scholar at the Math and Computer Science Department, Laurentian University (Winter 2008) and Sultan Qaboos University (Summer 2015). He holds the status of Professional Software Engineer of Ontario (P.Eng) and Canada’s Information Processing Professional (ISP) as well as IEEE Senior Member. He is an active research member of Canada’s e-Health Interoperability group (http://www.simbioses.ca/ehealth/), the coordinator on Northern Ontario Web Intelligence Research Group (NOWI http://www2.cs.uregina.ca/~wi/) and a member of Ontario Partnership for Innovation and Commercialization (http://research.uoit.ca/opic-expertise/). Besides being an active member of the Department of Computer Science here at Lakehead University, Sabah is among the core faculty members of both the Lakehead University Bioinformatics and BioTechnology programs. Moreover, Sabah is an Adjunct Research Professor with the University of Western Ontario. Sabah is also a core member of the BioTechnology PhD program. He has been elected recently to serve among the Senate Joint Committee for the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM). His teaching involves many important courses in Computer Science including: Game Programming, Mobile Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Programming Languages and Language Processors, Web Programming and Big Data. During 2005 and 2006, Sabah was the recipient of the LU Merit Award in Research and Teaching as well as the LU Contribution to Teaching Award. Also LU has awarded Dr. Sabah the Merit Award for in excellence in Teaching and Research during 2015. Sabah has also some notable administrative services as he chaired prior to his LU position three Computer Science and Information Systems departments as well as being on several notable LU Senate Committees. Sabah served on the LU Senate for the period 2010- 2013. Moreover, Sabah has published more than 90 refereed articles, chapters in books and four textbooks. He supervised more than 20 Masters Students and one PhD student.

News and Awards

(1) Awarded the Dean of Science and Environmental Studies grant to establish a Laboratory of Health Informatics, Mobility and Learning, July 2015 in collaboration with Dr. J. Fiaidhi
(2) Invited as a Visiting Professor by the Department of Computer Science, Sultan Qaboos University during Summer 2015
(3) Selected Among the best 50+ Lakehead University Research Success Stories
(4) Lakehead University Merit Award on Excellence in Teaching and Research 2015
(5) After the success of offering the graduate course Mobile Programming CS5450 since 2010, I am going to offer a new undergraduate course on Mobile Computing CS2430 starting this Fall 2015 which will be a major challenge to attract more students
(6) Elected as the member of the Joint Senate Committee for NOSM (2015-2018).
(7) Part of Editorial Team of IEEE IT-Professional to publish a special issue on “Emerging IT Trends in Healthcare and Well-Being” to be published during March/April 2016 http://www.computer.org/web/computingnow/itcfp2
(8) Part of Editorial Team of Springer Supercomputing Journal to publish a special issue on “Big Data Applications for Healthcare” http://link.springer.com/journal/11227
(9) Part of the S. I. Editorial Team for Springer Future Generation Computer Systems “Smart Cities and Internet of Things” “http://www.journals.elsevier.com/future-generation-computer-systems/call...
(10) Selected to be the Editor in Chief for a new Journal: International Journal of Big Data Security Intelligence: http://www.sersc.org/journals/IJBDSI/
(11) Continued my role as the Editor in Chief for the following international journals: -International Journal of Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering http://www.sersc.org/journals/IJMUE/ - International Journal of Education and Learning http://www.sersc.org/journals/IJEL/
(12) Invited as Keynote Speaker on the ACM Kuwait University Conference: http://ccse.ku.edu.kw/ICCSE2015/Invited_Talks.php
(13) 2013 Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Big Data Technologies (IJBDT)
(14) 2013 Senior Member of IEEE 2013 Keynote Speaker. ISI 2013, Guam(USA)
(15) 2013 Keynote Speaker. ACE 2013, China
(16) 2013 Keynote Speaker, ICICS 2013, Jordan
(17) 2013 Honorary Editor of the Journal of Emerging Technology in Web Intelligence (JETWI)
(18) 2012 Keynote Speaker at IST 2012, China
(19) 2012 Keynote Speaker at KCESS 2012, Kuwait
(20) 012 Keynote Speaker at INET 2012, Qatar 2012 Keynote Speaker at ICDIM 2012, Macau
(21) 2012 Best Paper Award- IEEE ICDIM 2012 International Conference- Macau-China.
(22) 2012 Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Multimedia & Ubiquitous Engineering (IJMUE),
(23) 2012 Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Education and Learning (IJEL),
(24) 2011 Keynote Speaker at the FGIT 2011,
(25) Korea 2010 Keynote Speaker at the UMCA 2010, Korea
(26) 2010: Faculty of Science and Environmental Studies Featured Scientist
(27) 2010: Core Member of the Lakehead University Biotechnology PhD Program
(28) 2009: Faculty Member of the Bioinformatics Program 2009: Adjunct Research Professor, University of Western Ontario
(29) 2009: Editor in Chief of the Journal of Emerging Technologies in Web Intelligence (JETWI)
(30) 2008: Professional Software Engineer of Ontario (PEng)
(31) 2008: Regional Editor of the International Journal of Computer Aided Engineering and Technology (JCAET)
(32) 2008: Visiting Scholar, Laurentian University, Department of Computer Science
(33) 2007: Coordinator of LU Bioinformatics Initiative (LUBI) (One year)
(34) 2006: Lakehead University Contribution in Teaching Award
(35) 2006: Information Systems Professional Award (I.S.P. of Canada)
(36) 2006: CIPS Member of the Certification Committee
(37) 2006: Lakehead University Merit Award for Excellence in Teaching and Research.
(38) 2006: Professional member of ACM
(39) 2006: Acting CS Graduate Coordinator (Eight months)
(40) 2006: Promotion to the Rank of Full Professor in Computer Science
(41) 2005: Senate Committee Member for Distance Learning (Three Years).
(42) 2005: LU Tenure Position
(43) 2005: Coordinator of North Ontario Web Intelligence (NOWI)
(44) 2004: NSERC Discovery Grant Award
(45) 2004: Nominee for the Lakehead University Distinguished Instructor Award
(46) 2002: Senate Committee Member on Teaching and Learning (Two Years).
(47) 2001: Chairman of the 1st Workshop on the use of eTechnologies in Education, Oman
(48) 2000: Chair of Department of Information Technology , HCT, Oman.
(49) 1998: Chairman of the Organization Committee of the 2nd Scientific Conference 21-22 Sept. 1998, (Applied Science University, Jordan). (50) 1997: Chair of Computer Science Department, Applied Science University, (1997- 2000).
(51) 1997: Chairman of the Organization Committee of the 2nd Conf. on Recent Developments in Computer Science Applications, 8-9th July,
(52) 1977 (Philadelphia University, Jordan)
(53) 1996: Chair of Computer Science Department, Philadelphia University, (1996-1997).
(54) 1995: Best Article Research Award (IEEE/ICECS’95)
(55) 1987: Member of the British Computer Society with the designate MBCS