HIT Research Group is Established in 2015


HIT Group Photo During 2018

Group Meeting in 2018

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The Third Symposium with Biotechnology and HIT Members


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HIT Mission Statement

For decades, Canadian healthcare professionals have operated within a challenging, rapidly changing, and fragmented healthcare system. Today, this environment is even more complex as sweeping healthcare reform and market forces transform the way healthcare is delivered and managed. This profound shift is multi directional involving the structure, policies, logistics, ethics and the culture of work. New alliances and unlikely partnerships are beginning to emerge. Belief systems, values, and attitudes are shifting. There are various thought leaders who believe that we going to see a major change in healthcare because of the ongoing AI revolution, the integration of natural intelligence and the need for convergence sciences. The main focus of the HIT is to promote communication and cooperation among core professionals in Biology, Nursing, Medicine, Psychology, Health Sciences, Bioinformatics, Cognitive Sciences, Language and Technology experts along with Computer Science towards enhancing the healthcare system.

HIT Goals and Objectives

  • To apply theoretical knowledge and technical skills to drive the improvement of connected healthcare
  • Supporting shared decision-making between patients and providers
  • Providing personalized self-management tools and resources
  • Building social support networks
  • Delivering accurate, accessible, and actionable health information
  • Facilitating the meaningful use of health IT and the exchange of health information among health care and public health professionals
  • Enabling quick and informed responses to health risks and public health emergencies
  • Providing new opportunities to connect with culturally diverse and hard-to-reach populations
  • Providing sound principles in the design of care programs
  • Increasing Internet and mobile access
  • Invest in the digital transformation of the healthcare systems

Welcoming New HIT Group Members

We are very pleased to welcome 

Dr. Petros Zezos, Gastroenterologist MD, MSc, PhD, FEBGH
Department of Internal Medicine/Gastroenterology
Assistant Professor, Northern Ontario School of Medicine

to join our HIT group. Dr. Zezos research interest is in the use of Artificial Intelligence in Ulcerative Colitis


Current HIT Members:

S. Zaki Ahmed, MD, TBRHSC

Petros Zezos, MD, TBRHSC

Chris Mushquash, PhD, C.Psych, TBRHRI

Manal Alzghoul, PhD, School of Nursing

Kristen.Jones, PhD, School of Nursing

Carlos Zerpa, PhD, Kinesiology

David Savage, MD, TBRHSC

Patrick Martel, MD, TBRHSC

Arnold Kim, MD, TBRHSC

Ingeborg Zehbe, PhD, Biology

Robert Jackson, PhD, Biology

Amarjit Chahal, PhD, TBRHSC

Jinan Fiaidhi, PhD, Computer Science

Sabah Mohammed, PhD, Computer Science

Kalle Kauranen, MSc, omputer Science

Phillip Osial, MSc, Computer Science

Isabelle Lemee, PhD, Languages

Vicki Kristman, PhD, Faculty of Health Sciences

Gordon Hayman, PhD, Psychology

Jody Schmidt, Informatics, TBRHSC

Paolo Sanzo, PhD, Kinesiology

Jeremy Cole, MD, TBRHSC

Eryk Przysucha, PhD, Kenisiology

Kathryn Sinden, PhD, Kenisiology

Brenda Magajna, PhD, Biotechnology

Meilan Liu, PhD, Mechanical Engineering

Zubair Fudullah, PhD, Computer Science

Curtis Ball, MSc, TBRHSC

Taryn Klarner, PhD, Kenisiology

Organized Two Symposiums in 2018 and 2019:





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