Academic Achievements and Awards

- PgD and MSc, Computer Science (Glasgow University 1979, 1981)


- PhD in Computer Science (Brunel University 1981-1986)



- Assistant, Associate Professor, Grad Coordinator (BU 1986-1995)
- Associate Professor (Amman University 1995-1996)
- Chair of Computer Science Dept.,(Philadelphia University, 1996-1997)
- Chair of Computer Science Dept., (Applied Science University 1997-2000)
- Chair of Information Technology Dept., (HCT, 2000-2001)

- Chair of the IEEE ComSoc on Smart and Connected Health (2018-Present)
- Professor of Computer Science, Lakehead University (2001-Present)

- 2 Awards Contributions in Teaching (2006,2015),

- 2 Lakehead University Merit Awards for Excellence in Teaching and Research (2005, 2015),
- NSERC Discovery Grant (2004-2009)

- NSERC Discovery Development Grant (2021-2023)

- CFI Virtual Reality Grant (2004-2012) 

- MITACS Accelerates with TBRHSC (2021-2025)

- MITACS Accelerates with Vurbox Inc (2021-2022)

- ONCAT College Transfer Award (2015-2016)

- Recipient of the LU Building Smart Health Research Capacity Award in 2018
- Invited Speaker at more than 41 International Conferences
- Guest Editors for more than 34 SCI Special Issues
- Professional Software Engineer of Ontario (PEng) (PEO, 2009-Present)
- Visiting Professor, Laurentian University (Winter 2008)
- Visiting Professor, Sultan Qaboos University (Summer 2015)
- Visiting Professor, Beijing Jiaotong University (December 2019)
- Adjunct Professor, University of Western Ontario (2005-2018)
- TAC PhD Supervisory Committee Member, Macau University (2016-Present)
- Director of Northern Ontario Web Intelligence (2004-Present)
- EiC of the IGI Global Int. J. of Extreme Automation and Connectivity in Healthcare (IJEACH,USA)
- Founding EiC of the Academy Publishing (Finland) Int. J. of Emerging Technologies in Web Intelligence (JETWI)- 2009-2012
- IEEE Senior Member (2013-Present)
- Information Systems Professional (ISP) with CIPS and Chartered in Computing with BCS (2005-Present)
- Outstanding IEEE Access Associate Editor
- Coordinator of Lakehead U., Health Information Technology Research Group (HIT) (2015-Present)

- Sony and Canon Engineer (Japan 1977-1979)
- Smart Health Laboratory Supervisor (2014-present)
- Published 6 Books and More than 150 Refereed Articles
- Awards of 5 Best Conference Papers

 Lakehead University "Developing Research Capacity in Smart Health" Award 2019 


Outstanding Editor Award of the IEEE Access 2019


 Distinguished Invited Speaker on Smart Data Science 2017 Conference

SmartDSC Award

My Computer Science Diplomas