Established Two Journals (JETWI and IJEACH) and Now EiC for APJCRI


The New Editor in Chief of APJCRI Journal


Editor-in-Chief Emeriti of IJEACH

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The International Journal of Extreme Automation and Connectivity in Healthcare (IJEACH) is an academic journal for a range of emerging research issues related to the digital transformations in the Healthcare paradigm. Today’s world is wired differently compared to the past few years where almost everything can be made ubiquitously. Extreme connectivity enables more universal, global, and close-to-instant communication. These new business models based on these emerging technologies are mainly focused on collecting and connecting health-related data from all available sources, extracting meaningful information from that data, and providing that information to other players. Extreme automation on the other hand can be coupled with extreme connectivity or even with extreme environment, allowing computing systems to control and manage physical processes and respond in ever more “human” ways in highly connected normal environment or a challenging extreme environment. The journal offers a favorable platform for scientists, researches, students, to make their valuable contributions towards this vital emerging research field.