Finding the Right Program for You


The Life Science Domain focuses on those areas of science that study living organism. Our programs use multidisciplinary approaches to explain how living systems work. These areas of study reduce our natural world to its most basic principles to observe patterns in all living organisms from bacteria to humans.

Learn more about Applied Life Science, Anthropology, Bioinformatics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics within this domain.


The Environmental Science & Policy Domain studies the distribution and interaction between humans and physical features. These features include the whole system such as the ecosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere. Understanding and being able to evaluate environmental issues and choices in a sound scientific manner is the focus of the programs.

Learn more about Economics, Earth Sciences, Geography, Geoarcheology, and Water Resource Science within this domain.


The Physical Science and Mathematics Domain is most of all about problem solving. To solve problems there is a focus on understanding structures in our day-to-day life and the theories behind them. The theories include a study of matter, what it's made of and how it interacts. Dynamic modelling is a key element of the programs within this domain.

Learn more about Bioinformatics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematical Sciences, and Physics within this domain.


The Technology Domain is all about using the right tools to analyze data in our world. These tools enable us to shape the future since they study physical characteristics of the world and beyond. Communications, information storage and human-computer interaction are common features of this domain.

Learn more about Computer Science, Bioinformatics, and Physics within this domain.