Chemical Engineering: Research Areas

Dr. Lionel Catalan, P.Eng.,  Professor and Chair, Chemical Engineering
Cement chemistry, cement/concrete additives, mine waste management, groundwater remediation.

Dr. Baoqiang Liao, P.Eng., Professor
Membrane bioreactors, membrane separations, membrane fouling, wastewater treatment, particle science and technology, colloidal and surface chemistry, sludge management, anaerobic digestion, environmental nanoparticle technology, environmental engineering, biorefinery, bioenergy production.

Dr. Sudip Rakshit, P.Eng., Professor, Canada Research Chair (Tier 1), Graduate Coordinator of the PhD program in Chemical Engineering
Bioenergy and biorefining processes, biofuels (solid, liquid and gaseous) and chemical production from renewable resources including lignocellulosic residues, byproducts of industries and waste utilization using biological routes, fermentation production of fine chemicals,  food biotechnology, safety and security, nutraceautical products.

Dr. Siamak Elyasi, P.Eng., Associate Professor, Graduate Coordinator, MSc in Environmental Engineering
Air pollution control, water and waste water treatment using Advanced Oxidation Process, visualization of transport phenomena, computer based image acquisition and processing, computational fluid modeling for chemical reactors, heat transfer and fluid transferring equipment, reaction engineering.

Dr. Pedram Fatehi, P.Eng.,  Associate Professor, Canada Research Chair (Tier II) and Industrial Research Chair
Adsorption, flocculation, surface and interface science, polymerization, biorefining and organic material chemistry and characterization. On-going projects: application of fly ash in wastewater, extraction of lignocelluloses from pulping spent liquors, valorization of lignin and hemicelluloses via chemical techniques.

Dr. Leila Pakzad, P.Eng., Assistant Professor
Fundamental aspects of fluid dynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Fluid Rheology, Mixing Process, CFD Modeling of polymer reactions, Multiphase Flow, Non-Newtonian Fluids, ERT Technique, Complex Mixing System, and Spray Columns.

Dr. Ebrahim Rezaei, Assistant Professor
Catalytic total oxidation of organic pollutants in gas/liquid phase, Removal of inorganic gases (NH3 and H2S) from air by adsorption, Catalytic reforming of greenhouse gases (CO2 and CH4) to value added products. Catalytic conversion of biomass, Modelling, simulation, and optimization of chemical engineering processes.